Who Are British Columbia’s Top Influential Cannabis Startups in 2023?

Canada’s green rush presents an exciting era for startups across the country, especially in British Columbia. Known for its liberal views towards marijuana use for both therapeutic and recreational purposes, British Columbia is fast becoming a hub for entrepreneurial cannabis startups. These new-age companies range from cultivators and product manufacturers to tech-based solution providers and cannabis retailers. Let’s take a ride through British Columbia and explore some of these promising cannabis startups.

These startups are not just looking at profiting from Canada’s legalization of cannabis; instead, they aim to revolutionize the cannabis industry, offering innovative solutions and unique products. They focus on improving and understanding the marijuana plant’s therapeutic potential, all while ensuring ethical business practices and sustainability. It is no wonder that BC has become a thriving space for these companies.

Moreover, these startups are headed by passionate leaders who are keen on making a mark in the cannabis industry. They are not just business moguls but those who have a deep understanding and affinity for cannabis. From low-cost greenhouse producers to healing centers for veterans, apparel, and lifestyle brands, let’s take a look at some fascinating cannabis startups in BC.

Xebra Brands

Xebra Brands is a cannabis cultivation and product company known for its global brands and intellectual property. It was founded by Rodrigo Gallardo and Todd Dalotto and operates within the Cannabis, Industrial Manufacturing, and Manufacturing industries.

Pure Sunfarms

Pure Sunfarms sets the bar high as the cannabis industry’s lowest-cost greenhouse producer. It was founded by Mandesh Dosanjh and is a pure-play cannabis operation.


Burb, founded by Clayton Chessa, John Kaye, and Steve Dowsley, is a BC-based private retailer of recreational cannabis and apparel. It straddles the industries of Cannabis, Fashion, and Retail.

Veterans For Healing

Veterans For Healing (VFHG) is a for-profit Canadian company setting an example in healing Veterans from trauma and PTSD through full-scope client care and medical cannabis. Fabian Henry and Shaun Good founded VFHG.

Green Mountain

Green Mountain, founded by David Coolidge, Salil Dhaumya, and Wade Attwood, is an innovator in the field of cannabis pharmaceuticals and wellness products.

Christina Lake Cannabis

Christina Lake Cannabis focuses on oil extraction that provides more significant margin opportunities. The company was founded by Mervin Boychuk.

BevCanna Enterprises

BevCanna Enterprises, founded by Marcello Leone, develops and manufactures cannabinoid-infused beverages and consumer products.

Agrios Global Holdings

Agrios Global Holdings is a data analytics company specializing in indoor growing science and paving the way in the AgTech, Analytics, Cannabis industry.

Orion Nutraceuticals

Orion Nutraceuticals stands out as a manufacturer and distributor of cannabinoid oil and extracts designed for the sports medicine market.


KayaPush, founded by Danny Lum, is a full workforce management software specializing in time attendance, scheduling, and payroll for cannabis retail stores.

Encann Solutions

Encann Solutions provides engineered manufacturing solutions for cannabis oil extraction for product research and health care. This innovative company was founded by Lincoln Johnson.

Jimmy’s Cannabis Shop

Jimmy’s Cannabis Shop is a fully professional and engaged cannabis retailer.

Franchise Global Health

Franchise Global Health Inc. operates in the medical cannabis field through its subsidiaries. They serve as an impressive operator at a multi-national level.

Grow Tech Labs

Grow Tech Labs is a unique accelerator program for cannabis companies, imprinting its mark in the Cannabis, Incubators, and Information Technology sector. This incubator program was created by Barinder Rasode.

Cannamerica Brands

Cannamerica Brands, founded by Dan Anglin, offers manufacturing and distributing services for their unique cannabis products.

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