Which BC Human Resources Startups Are Shaping Canada’s Employment Landscape?

British Columba harbors fertile ground for startups, especially in the Human Resources sector. The HR sector is witnessing tech-oriented solutions to streamline various areas like talent acquisition, employee management, payroll, and many more to ensure smoother operations, employee engagement, and optimizing company efficiency. This article witnesses the journey of 15 HR startups stemming from British Columbia, destined to transform the traditional HR landscape with their novel solutions.

These startups are fostering innovation and are trailblazing their ways to leverage technology for amplifying human resources, employee engagement, and simplifying payroll, among the many services offered. The confluence of innovation and creativity coupled with the visionary mindset of founders is laying the groundwork for a new approach in HR management. The startups operate in various industries, ranging from Cleantech and education to enterprise software and non-profit.

In today’s data-driven and fast-paced world, these companies are advocating change while understanding the importance of an engaged work environment. Let’s delve into the startup world of British Columbia and learn more about these companies.

Origen Air

Origen Air, a Cleantech start-up, is making strides in delivering a plant-based, IoT-connected Air Purification solution. Founded by Andrew Crawford, Ryan Lider, and Susan Blanchet, the company functions under the umbrella of industries like CleanTech, Data Visualization, Electronics, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Manufacturing to offer an optimal solution.


Co-founded by Josh Blair, Maya Liberman, and Opher Brayer, Impro is a tech-driven platform designed to facilitate action-based coaching at scale. The start-up steers its services in industries such as Education, Human Resources, and Training.


Ariglad offers effortless ticket management for people teams. Founders Ali Avci and Sophie Wyne’s platform caters to the Computer, Human Resources, and Software industry.


Djobzy.com is spearheaded by founder Reza Taleb. Operating in a multitude of industries – Big Data, Human Resources, Online Portals, Search Engine, Semantic Search, SEO, Sharing Economy, Social, Social Network, Software, the startup is a blend of Social Media and Gig Economy, functioning as an Encyclopedia of Services for Customized Tasks / Gigs/Jobs Globally.

The Perk

Founder Dallas Fontaine’s creation, The Perk, is a SaaS product known for increasing employer engagement and eliminating turnover. The platform operates in the Human Resources, SaaS, and Software industry.


Cosmogence, a startup by George Philip and Praveen Ramachandran, offers remote job opportunities in various fields like accounting, digital marketing, and graphic design. Its services cater to the domain of Human Resources, Recruiting, and Staffing Agency.


Purposely is a unique platform looking at the future of the employee experience for highly engaged companies. Co-founders Alex McGowan, Eric Franzo, and Gurkaran Poonia engage this startup in the industries of Employee Benefits, Human Resources, Non-Profit, SaaS, Social Network, and Software.

ModoHR Technologies Inc.

ModoHR, the brainchild of Derek Smith, James Ash, and Ken Cahoon, aims to deliver background data information efficiently and securely via technological solutions across multiple industries such as Developer APIs, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, Identity Management, Information Services, Internet, Risk Management, and Software.


KayaPush, founded by Danny Lum, specializes in time attendance, scheduling, and payroll for cannabis retail stores. It’s a full workforce management software that serves the B2B, Business Development, Cannabis, Human Resources, and Software industry.


CoffeePals is a B2B engagement and relationship-building platform found by Chris Carnduff and Kacper Zylka. It operates within the Human Resources and Software domain.


Rectxt,founded by Bradley Clark and Brian Thompson, simplifies text recruiting. It is a cost-effective solution providing services in the Human Resources, Messaging, Recruiting, and Software industry.

Virtus Groups

Virtus Groups’ expertise lies in working with Canada’s fastest-growing companies on service execution. Offering services in Talent Acquisition, Service Procurement, and Product Development, it belongs to the Human Resources and Internet industry.

Excelling Payroll

The brainchild of Austin Ross, Excelling Payroll provides a Canadian Payroll Tax Deduction Calculation add-on for Microsoft Excel, catering to the Human Resources industry.

Lucid HR

Lucid HR specializes in recruitment, hiring, and employee management. It operates within the Human Resources and Recruiting industry.


BentoHR, a platform by Matt Burns, is helping businesses simplify and automate HR management. It operates in the Enterprise Software, Human Resources, and Software industry.

The world of startups, especially those engaging the crucial dimension of Human Resources, has seen an amazing transformation. New approaches, technology implementation, and a deep understanding of the contemporary work environment have been the keys for these British Columbia-based HR start-ups to open new doors of improvement and business enhancement.

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