Which BC Information Services Startups are Dominating Canadian Tech in 2023?

British Columbia, Canada plays host to a variety of thriving startups, pouring innovation into diverse sectors such as Information Technology, FinTech, Agriculture, and more. From revolutionary AI technology to contemporary digital solutions, these startups are not just contributing to their local economy but are also making a significant global impact. For this article, we feature 15 of these innovative companies and provide a detailed breakdown of their contributions to the Information Services sector.

With technology advancing at an extraordinary pace, the demands and reliance on efficient data-based solutions have significantly increased across industries. Information Services startups are especially promising, given their potential to transform traditional sectors like agriculture, finance, and construction with their breakthrough tech ideas. The startups listed are a testament to this assertion.

Note that several startups are also actively exploring the boundaries of emerging and disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These collaborations demonstrate how holistic and inter-disciplinary today’s tech industry has become, blurring boundaries between different sectors.


Fobi is an avant-garde data intelligence company that helps its clients transform real-time data into actionable insights. With its focus on Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Services, and Information Technology, Fobi is witnessing an innovative advancement in data processing and utilization.


Conceived by Arthur Chen and Roman Kozak, Verdi aims to bring the benefits of indoor farming to the majority of crops growing outdoors. Utilizing Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Information Services, and Information Technology, Verdi seeks to revolutionize agricultural practices.

iComply Investor Services Inc.

Founded by Matt Masiar, Matthew Unger, and Qayyum Rajan, iComply Investor Services Inc. is an award-winning software company that focuses on reducing regulatory friction in financial markets using Blockchain, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Identity Management, Information Services, Legal, Professional Services, and Software technologies.


A brainchild of Aria Hahn and Brianna Blaney, Pocketed offers a platform that helps businesses find and apply for grants and tax credits, making a unique contribution to the Financial Services, Fintech, Information Services, and Service Industry sectors.

Baywest Technologies Inc

Baywest Technologies Inc, co-founded by Richard Zhang, uses advanced Software, Data Center, and Blockchain technologies to provide quality information services and IT solutions.

Tevano Systems

Tevano Systems has developed an AI-driven electronic device that effectively combines Electronics, Information Services, and Software to provide a fever detection and thermal scanning solution.


SpaceAlpha takes a different approach to Information Services. Conceived by Scott Larson, it combines Space Technology & Earth Observation with Aerospace, Geospatial, Information Services, and Machine Learning.


Launched by Jas Nijjar, Shane McNamara, and Syed Ahmed, OnTraccr is a SaaS platform that provides the construction industry with next-generation, automated workflow capabilities.


Buyer manifests innovation in the form of a negotiation-as-a-service platform. It saves clients on big-ticket purchases, such as annual software contracts.

ModoHR Technologies Inc.

Founded by Derek Smith, James Ash, and Ken Cahoon, ModoHR Technologies Inc. creates technology solutions that provide secure and efficient delivery of background data information to various industries.


Breaking into the Food and Beverage, Information Services, Information Technology, and Software sectors, ZOMI aims to digitalize every dish and provide customers with a personalized food experience.


Credib.AI is an innovative platform that automatically detects and extracts predictions from online and local sources to improve decision making.

Mythic Table

Mythic Table is an online platform that enables games enthusiasts worldwide to play their favorite role-playing games. It is a fun innovation in the Information Services, Information Technology, Non-profit, Online Games, and Software sectors.

Granville KM

Advancing knowledge management, Granville KM provides a comprehensive platform to effectively manage, store, and retrieve vital business information.

Tribes & Co

Founded by Henrik Lohk and Ingemar Johnsson, Tribes & Co is a democratic holding company that helps digital transformation agencies scale exponentially with a focus on Apps, Consulting, Information Services, Information Technology, Marketing, Professional Services, Software, and Web Development.

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