Which British Columbia Marketplace Startups are Transforming the Industry in 2023?

Success of a startup rests heavily on the ingenuity of the idea, its proper execution, and of course, its market presence to start with. British Columbia in Canada boasts some of the most innovative marketplace startups providing a wide array of services in various industries including e-commerce, real estate, food, and many more. This article aims to provide a quick overview of these startups delivering goods, serving clients, and disrupting the marketplace scene in British Columbia.

From virtual marketplaces supporting e-commerce to innovative platforms connecting consumers to much-needed services, these startups pose a promising paradigm shift in the way we conduct transactions. The list includes game-changers in industries as diverse as autotech, education, tourism, and even cosmetic surgery. It accentuates British Columbia’s versatility and its front-row seat in the ever-evolving world of startups.

Without further ado, let’s delve into their profiles to get a better understanding of their operations, industries, and most importantly, their contributions to the flourishing ecosystem of marketplace startups in British Columbia.


Spocket is a promising dropshipping startup operating in British Columbia. Launched by Saba Mohebpour and Tom Hansen, the platform connects retailers to suppliers and serves nearly 40,000 merchants worldwide. The startup is known for its focus on the e-commerce sector and its use of machine learning technology to simplify the process of choosing and selling products via an online store.


REITIUM, a venture by Laura Fortey, Michael Moll, and Thomas Park is an innovative real estate investment opportunity that makes investing in real estate accessible to everyone – starting from as low as $100. The startup uses blockchain technology to allow small-scale investors to participate in real estate transactions typically out of their reach.

Vejii Holdings

Vejii Holdings started by Darren Gill and Kory Zelickson operates ShopVejii.com, a digital marketplace for plant-based products and brands promoting sustainable living. Vejii is a one-stop platform for eco-conscious consumers interested in a sustainable lifestyle.

Autozen Technologies

Kalle Radage and Olivier Vincent’s Autozen Technologies is a notable startup in the autotech marketplace. Autozen connects buyers and sellers directly, providing pre-inspected, high-quality vehicles.

Yervana Services Inc

Yervana Services Inc, led by Jim McGovern, is a marketplace that caters to the tourism industry by connecting locals and explorers for outdoor adventures. The platform also provides data analytics to the tourism and hospitality industry.


Inna Bogdanova’s Aplic.io is a unique marketplace for students seeking study abroad opportunities. The startup connects prospective students with universities and educational institutions around the globe.


Collabstr, a venture by Clayton Rannard and Kyle Dulay, is a digital marketing platform connecting brands and content creators, aiming to streamline the creation and promotion of marketing content.


Founded by Tim Sportschuetz, MusterPoint aims to simplify and streamline rental transactions. MusterPoint is a dedicated rental marketplace, making it easier for both landlords and tenants to navigate the market.


PlasticSpot, a company started by Ricky Grewal, offers an innovative service in the health industry as it matches patients with qualified medical practitioners.

HopKidz Technologies Inc.

Founded by Alexandra Nestertchouk and Anastasia Chetvertukhina, HopKidz Technologies offers an on-demand childcare platform, a modern solution for busy parents that provides quick access to childcare services.


Stable.work developed by Clarence de Silva and Jordan Lewis, is a marketplace where companies can find, hire, and manage top sales talent on a freelance basis.


VOICEOVERS.com, a venture by Matt Dubois, provides a unique service in the media industry. It is a hybrid marketplace that connects clients with professional voiceover talents.


Orgmatch, developed by Tim Chipperfield and Trevor Loke, is a platform tailored for the non-profit sector, facilitating the connection between funders and nonprofits. You can find them at www.orgmatch.com.


GetAcquired, a startup by Mark Henderson, serves as a marketplace and brokerage platform in the e-commerce and SaaS industries.


ZaNiheza, founded by Charles Kishi, is a travel technology company that provides booking software and a marketplace for immersive experiences and activities.

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