Quebec’s Most Influential Food and Beverage Startups: Dominating 2023 Trends?

Quebec, best known for its rich culture, historic architecture, and scrumptious cuisine, is also a booming hub for innovative startups in the Food and Beverage industry. This feature will delve into 15 diverse and unique Quebec-based startups that have taken the gastronomic industry by storm, from online food ordering, subscription services, plant based foods, and even functional chocolate bars.

We will take you on a digital tour, featuring insightful details on what drives these startups, their ingenious products and services, and the ingenious creators who have laid the foundations of these ventures. So, tighten your seat belts and prepare yourself for an exciting culinary journey across Quebec’s vibrant Food and Beverage Startup ecosystem.

These startups have been selected by their innovative approaches and contributions to the industry. Despite their diverse offerings, all share a common goal: to revolutionize the way we enjoy food and beverages.

Mid-Day Squares

Mid-Day Squares pride themselves on being pioneers in creating the first FUNCTIONAL CHOCOLATE BAR. The creators, Jake Karls, Lezlie Karls, and Nick Saltarelli have combined their passion for food and entrepreneurship to invigorate the Food and Beverage, Manufacturing industry.


PivoHub, founded by Christopher Gregoire, Mathieu Gagnon, and Nicolas Degardin, revolutionizes the way craft beer is ordered and delivered via their B2B online platform.

The Breakfast Station

The Breakfast Station simplifies morning routines by offering pre-filled breakfast cups that allow customers to whip up various healthy and delectable options in no time.

TripleOne Inc.

With a hand in Beauty, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Food and Beverage, and several other industries, TripleOne Inc. offers an array of Decentralized Concepts™. This venture is the brainchild of the ingenious entrepreneur, James William Awad.

Cano Company

The Cano Company, founded by Marco Gartenhaus, propels food retailers into the future by helping them eliminate single-use packaging and promoting customer loyalty through their tailor-made solution.


FoodRelay, introduced by Benjamin Chalier, has turned homemade food production and delivery into a thriving business.


ToroMatcha, founded by Oussama Saoudi, broadens beverage options by commercializing a traditional 12th-century Japanese ingredient.

Opalia Foods

Opalia Foods’ BetterMilk, a pioneering invention by Jennifer Côté and Lucas House, is Canada’s first mammary-cell produced milk.


With their mobile app, eezly, revolutionizes online food delivery by operating as a food delivery comparison platform, similar to the likes of and Trivago.

Vegeat Foods

Leading in the frontier of plant-based food, Vegeat Foods offers a range of products including vegetable chicken breasts, fillets, sausages, and nuggets.


Co-founders Alexandre Sobolevski, Justin D’Errico, and Seb Audet have carefully crafted Chatler, a chatbot bridging the gap between E-Commerce, Food and Beverage domains.

Boucherie à domicile

Family-owned Boucherie à domicile prides itself in offering top-of-the-line meat, fishes, seafoods, and local products straight to doorsteps.

Roasted Bean Box

Satisfying coffee cravers, Roasted Bean Box operates as a subscription platform for coffee, enabling customers to have their favorite brews delivered to their doorsteps at regular intervals.


Locaal celebrates seasons by providing the freshest seafood, meats, dairy products, fruits, or vegetables, straight to your doorsteps.

All Things Legal

As a full-service lifestyle assistance provider, All Things Legal offers a plethora of services across Events, Food and Beverage, and many more industry sectors.

In conclusion, these startups are continuously striving to redefine the food and beverage landscape in Quebec, Canada. With endless innovation and passion, the future of the food and beverage industry is bursting with potential. Cheers to good food, refreshing beverages, and pioneering startups!

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