Which Quebec Finance Startups Are Influencing Canada’s Financial Landscape in 2023?

Welcome to this month’s feature article on CanadaVenture.news where we explore exciting finance startups that call Quebec, Canada, their home. This article showcases the ingenuity and dynamism of the Quebecois financial industry, demonstrating the broad range of innovative solutions these startups offer. Each organization displays a unique approach to problem-solving in the finance industry—from estate management, financial decision tools to blockchain solutions, and more.

Quebec is not just a beautiful city rich in history and culture, but it is also the birthplace of some of the country’s most innovative startups. If you’re interested in the financial scene, Quebec is undoubtedly a place to watch. The following 15 startups offer a glimpse into the bustling financial sector of Quebec, providing unique and groundbreaking services to their customers.

Without further ado, let us dive deeper into these rising stars and uncover what makes them stand out in the competitive, growing Canadian market.


ClearEstate is a unique platform that provides helpful guidance for executors, acting as a reliable one-stop-shop for estate-related services. Founded by Alexandre Gauthier, Davide Pisanu, and Pascal Brisset, it operates in the realm of finance, financial services, and property management.


Hardbacon, founded by Julien Brault, is dedicated to enabling Canadians to make more informed financial decisions. It operates in the finance, financial services, fintech, and venture capital industry.


Working in finance, financial services, and supply chain management, SOFIAC is a major player helping commercial and industrial sector businesses boost profitability through development and financing.


BENQI Corpo is a versatile liquidity market operating on the Avalanche network in the blockchain, finance, and financial services industry.

Briva Finance

Founded by Jacques Marchand, Briva Finance offers companies an interim financing option, facilitating quick project execution. They operate in the finance and financial services industry.


Activfactor, founded by Fouad Kouidmir, empowers investment platforms to support long-term customer success with its innovative quantitative investment solutions.


DecisioningIT leverages AI to offer a SaaS-automated decisioning platform that matches various financial institutions’ credit parameters to consumers. Andre-Martin Hobbs and Rosa Hoffmann contribute to its success.


Founders Eric Mac Nicoll, François Boulet, and Patrice Bernard bring KAIRA’s platform to life, aiming to boost employee well-being via informed financial management.

XeoHive Technology

Abhishek Appadoo’s brainchild, XeoHive Technology, provides a comprehensive set of institutional-grade tools for the digital assets investment cycle.


Founded by Eric Foss, Jocelyn Roy, and Martin Lafleur, Dello is a pioneer in providing crypto POS systems, enabling businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments.

INCIA Digital

INCIA Digital revolutionizes the financing sector by enabling financial institutions to provide loans against cryptocurrency holdings.

Zone Agtech

Zone Agtech is a unique entity promoting AgTech businesses, offering training programs, financial consulting services, and facilitating business development within the sector.


SwingTrackr, developed by Rajat Sharma, offers a solution for tracking and managing your swing trades, playing a significant role in the finance, fintech, IT, and software world.

The Coin Collaborative Canada

The Coin Collaborative Canada stands out as a non-profit organization that pays climate debt, unencumbered by personal sacrifice.

Groupe Orbis

Groupe Orbis offers a range of services that includes construction, renovation, new home buying, debt consolidation loans, commercial lending, and refinancing services.

Our journey ends here, but your exploration of these amazing startups doesn’t have to. We invite you to see for yourself how these ventures are changing the face of financing in Quebec, and why they characterise Canada’s bright financial future.

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