Which Nova Scotia Health Care Startups Are Influencing Canadian Medicine?

In the heart of Canada’s Ocean Playground, Nova Scotia, a budding ecosystem of healthcare startups is reshaping the industry with innovative solutions. These resilient companies are leveraging new technologies to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare services, from physical well-being, mental health, home care, to fitness and wellness. In this article, we will spotlight fifteen of these industry pioneers.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, a radical shift towards digitization has taken place in the healthcare sector. Patients across Nova Scotia and the broader Canadian scene are embracing telemedicine, online counselling, and fitness classes. Investors have been quick to support these startups that are creating much needed, non-traditional, healthcare solutions.

Life sciences, a vital component to Nova Scotia’s economy, is another area seeing a surge in innovative startups developing advanced healthcare solutions. Let’s go over these startups, their industries and their founders.


Created by founders Aly Mawji and Shawn Wilkie, Talkatoo is an innovative Health Care Software startup that specializes in dictation software aimed at professionals. They have a steady monthly revenue exceeding USD$20k.


ClearDynamic is a startup in the Health Care and Life Science industries seeking to revolutionize joint discomfort treatment, mainly knee problems. It leverages the effectiveness of glass microsphere technology to offer an effective solution to this problem.

Symbi Medical

Founded by Cameron Sehl and Devin McArthur, Symbi Medical is a digital health startup empowering people to manage their health with their procedure care navigation platform.

Leap Biosystems

Leap Biosystems, founded by Adam Sirek, Allyson Hindle and Jesse Zroback, provides cutting edge space medicine technology and consultancy service.

Ring Rescue

Ring Rescue, led b6y an Emergency Doctor, CEO Dr. Kevin Spencer, is a healthcare company creating medical device products for various treatments.

Ocean Tides Counselling & Therapy

Ocean Tides Counseling & Therapy provides mental health services to individuals and couples with various mental health concerns.


The NOVA SCOTIA COLLEGE OF NURSING is the official regulatory body for all nursing professionals throughout Nova Scotia.

Virtual Hallway

Virtual Hallway is a robust phone consult platform for telemedicine and phone consultations. It allows patients to consult with healthcare professionals remotely.

Amy Mackenzie Counselling and Art Therapy Services

Amy Mackenzie Counselling and Art Therapy Services provides various mental health services, including counselling and art therapy for individuals and couples.


IronMatrix offers fitness and personal training classes to fitness enthusiasts. They also offer mobility and children’s programs.

Fen Group

Fen Group is a healthcare manufacturer focusing on developing over-the-counter cannabinoid wellness products.

Cóstafit Rebounding

Cóstafit Rebounding is a fitness center providing programs for weight loss, bone density improvement, and core strengthening.

Adventurers Day Care

Adventurers Day Care provides care services for child and their families, in addition to primary education facilities.

Quigg Counselling & Therapy Services

Quigg Counselling & Therapy Services offers mental health counselling to adults, couples, and families.

Your Brilliant Mind

Your Brilliant Mind is a service industry startup offering hybrid therapy services to the healthcare community.

In conclusion, healthcare startups in Nova Scotia are leveraging digital platforms and advanced technologies to deliver improved healthcare services. This development is not only beneficial to the well-being of Canadians but also contributes significantly to the country’s economy.

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