Which Canadian Advertising Platforms Will Reshape our Digital Landscape?

Canada is becoming a hotspot in the global startup ecosystem, offering internationally competitive and innovative companies in various sectors. A sector that’s particularly blooming is advertising platforms. These startups are revolutionizing the realm of advertising, leveraging advanced proprietary technology and tools to maximize client reach, optimize ad performance, translate big data into actionable insights, and reshape the ad buying and selling process. In this article, we present 15 exciting advertising platform startups from Canada that you should keep an eye on.

The range of these startups is broad, including advertising solutions for e-commerce, artificial intelligence-driven options, and platforms targeting specific sectors. What binds them together is their Canadian origin and purpose—providing top-tier advertising solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their unique features and innovation are pushing the boundaries of advertising as we know it and paving the path for a more connected and efficient industry.

Let’s take a closer look at these up-and-coming advertising platform trailblazers from Canada which are making waves in the industry and catch the essence of their unique selling propositions.


Optable is a data integration software provider for the advertising industry. The platform offers data collaboration and a clean room solution tailored for the advertising ecosystem, ensuring privacy is prioritized. It was founded by Bosko Milekic, Vlad Stesin, and Yves Poiré.


Founded by Mohan Krishna Vemulapali, Trellis provides e-commerce vendors with a software tool to ramp up their sales and business growth through ad optimization.


Taiv founded by Avi Stoller, Jordan Davis, Noah Palansky, is a unique platform entailing live TV commercial replacements, allowing businesses to show more relevant ads to the audience.


The marketplace 3Common was founded by Brayden Kehler, Bud Broesky, and Ethan Toews. It aims at enhancing social planning experiences for individuals and improved consumer retention for event organizers.

Boostyd Interactive

Boostyd Interactive offers businesses AI-powered performance advertising tools that drive substantial growth through ROI-centric marketing campaigns.


Founded by Dominique Beaupre, Aliud offers a SaaS solution that integrates independent sellers and buyers for engaging in personal commerce via their social-ecommerce services.


Embold has simplified influencer marketing by making processes like sourcing talent, handling logistics, and running paid ads smooth and effortless.


AdSkate founded by Akaash Ramakrishnan, Salil Save, and Shreyas Venugopalan, provides deeper insights and intelligence into digital content for both advertisers and publishers.

AMG Brands Network Inc.

AMG Brands Network Inc. founded by Anwar Abdi and Melissa Dimon, serves as a digital educational channel, driving power through informative and enriching digital content.


JobAdx, founded by Amit Chauhan, Kaushik Vinay T G, and Shiv Bharthur, provides a smarter programmatic job board and publisher ad tool, facilitating recruitment processes.

Aina Software

Co-founded by Faisal Jamal, Izza Masud, and Sameer Salahudeen, Aina Software is a software development company focused on AI solutions in both B2C and B2B arenas.

Stuck AI

Stuck AI, founded by Nagappan Venkatesan, offers hyperlocal D-OOH Advertising powered by Artificial Intelligence. This approach facilitates targeted and efficient local advertising strategies.

Hot Dot Media

Hot Dot Media, founded by Adam Silverman, offers a comprehensive solution for influencer marketing by sourcing talent, managing logistics, and executing paid advertisements.

Doncaster Group

Doncaster Group is an AdTech & Media focused venture capital firm, providing support and funds for promising advertising technology startups and media companies.


Founded by Robert Hof, ExtraServings is a unique advertising platform where restaurants pay users to dine during their off-peak times, enhancing restaurant footfall and offering enjoyable dining experiences to customers.

From offering unique advertising algorithms to AI-driven solutions, these Canadian startups are not only changing the way businesses advertise but also how we experience advertising. As we move forward, the innovative strides taken by these startups will shape the regional and global advertising landscape for years to come. Keep an eye on them!

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