Which Canadian Cloud Security Startups are Influencing Industry Trends in 2023?

In recent times, startups have increasingly begun focusing their efforts on cloud security. This can be attributed to the declining cost of computing power, the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the inexorable shift of business operations to the cloud. In Canada, this trend is visibly pronounced with numerous startups springing up to provide innovative solutions to cloud security challenges. In this piece, we delve into 15 promising Canadian startups that are making strides in the cloud security scene.

Coupled with their unique value propositions, these startups have garnered attention, not only for their novel approaches to cloud security, but also for addressing industry-specific needs where conventional, one-size-fits-all solutions fall short. They’re raising the bar on data privacy, network security, and cyberspace safety in the era of cloud and AI.

These highlighted startups cater to a wide range of industries ranging from artificial intelligence, cyber security, network security, to other tech-driven sectors. Let’s take a plunge into their offerings, and perhaps draw some inspiration from their innovative endeavors.

Private AI

Private AI is a startup at the forefront of privacy-preserving machine learning and natural language processing tools. Founded by tech veterans Gerald Penn, Patricia Thaine, and Pieter Luitjens, they aim to make privacy and GDPR compliance reliable in the era of AI and machine learning.


Byos, under the helm of Matias Katz, delivers edge microsegmentation solutions designed to better protect and manage remote endpoints on untrusted networks.


Kobalt is a startup co-founded by Boris Wertz, Michael Argast, and Pankaj Agarwal. They provide comprehensive cyber security programs integral for cloud security maintenance.

Waterbear Cloud

Founded by Kevin Lindsay and Kevin Teague, Waterbear Cloud is a cloud automation company that helps small enterprises build and manage web application environments on AWS.

Blackwatch Digital

At the helm of Christopher McGarrigle, Blackwatch Digital operates Dark Vault, a Crypto security platform aimed at strengthening cryptosphere security.


Augmentt is a SaaS Management platform founded by Derik Belair and Gavin Garbutt. Aimed at organizations to understand SaaS usage, optimize spending, enforce security policies, and ultimately improve productivity.


With the leadership of Atin Sengar, Rahul Singh, and Vivek Ghartan, Pragra is an emerging leader in high-quality training geared towards enhancing professional competencies in cloud computing and security.

Local Security

Local Security offers advanced video surveillance and alarm management technology services, crucial components of comprehensive cloud security solutions.

UCW Labs Ltd.

UCW Labs Ltd. provides various services in IoT prototyping, embedded systems programming, custom hardware design, IoT integration, and custom software development.

Redfox Security

Redfox Security is a fast-growing cyber security consulting firm focused on helping businesses bolster their security posture.


Osman Rachid Abdi helms ASecureCloud which helps businesses build and maintain secure cloud environments.

Ammolite Analytx

Ammolite Analytx specialize in advancing threat intelligence by developing Quantum AI cybersecurity solutions with deep domain expertise in defence, finance, and energy


Co-founded by Vaibhav Jha, Intersquad is a crowdsourced cyber security consortium that leverages the power of crowd wisdom for better cloud security.


Framed by Michael Thoreson, Krate’s prime focus is on secure cloud solutions to end data breaches.

Cloud Architects

Founded by Sean Mehrabi, Cloud Architects are experts focused on providing business cloud solutions on various platforms including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Architecture.

With the advancement of digital technology and the constant evolution of cyber threats, these startups provide hope for safer clouds. Keep an eye on them as they continue to innovate in their space.

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