What Are Canada’s Most Influential Credit Startups Transforming Fintech in 2023?

Welcome to a closer look at some of the most innovative Credit startups in Canada. Featured in CanadaVenture.news, we highlight each companies unique approaches and their respective niches within the credit industry. With the continuous quest for new ways to offer and manage financial services, these startups are leading the way with cutting edge technologies and unique solutions tailored to specific business and consumer needs. The startups highlighted below cover a wide range of sectors within the credit industry, from corporate cards and spend management solutions to digital credit and payments platforms and credit risk analysis using machine learning.

Bringing fresh perspectives and tech-driven approaches to traditional financial services, these startups are reshaping the Canadian credit landscape. The founders of these companies come from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries, bringing a wealth of expertise and innovation to the table. They are driving the future of credit and finance in Canada, opening up new possibilities for businesses and individuals alike.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the lineup of uniquely Canadian credit-driven startups that are making strides in the industry.


Founded by Griffin Keglevich, Rob Khazzam, and Ruslan Nikolaev, Float is an innovative startup offering a corporate card and spend management solution. This versatile service provides a single platform for managing corporate cards, reimbursements, approvals, and invoices, all in one convenient location. Learn more about Float at their website.


Caary is a digital credit, lending and payments platform, co-founded by Jason Sawyer and Steve Apostolopoulos. Caary offers a corporate credit card and financial management solution, aiding businesses in streamlining their financial operations. Visit Caary’s website to learn more.

Sagard Credit Partners

Sagard Credit Partners, led by Mustafa Humayun, specializes in investing in proprietary credit opportunities in public and private middle market companies. Find out more about Sagard Credit Partners at their website.


Co-founded by Duncan Rowland, Migrations.ml uses machine learning to forecast credit risk. By combining advanced analytics and AI technologies, Migrations.ml takes a smarter, data-driven approach to risk assessment. Visit their website for more information.

MICC Financial

MICC Financial is a platform that helps groups of people save money, access capital and build credit. The startup was founded by a team of three innovators, Daniel Ohaegbu, James Muhato, and Jonah Chininga. Find more about MICC Financial at their website.


A brainchild of Prakash Chand, BitcoinBlack is a cryptocurrency credit card company aiming to revolutionize the way we interact with cryptocurrencies. To know more about BitcoinBlack, visit their website.

Nectarine Credit

Founded by Alex Armitage, Nectarine Credit is a credit management company that helps small and medium-sized companies to manage their customer credit applications. More about Nectarine Credit can be found on their website.

Clearly Payments

Clearly Payments, founded by Kalle Radage, is an award winning payment and credit card processing company in Canada. To learn more about Clearly Payments, visit their website.


Specializing in improving credit scores, credit cards, insight, and premium rewards for its customers, Plastk is a credit consulting firm with unique offerings. Learn more about Plastk on their website.


HealthBank, founded by Odero Otieno, is the leading consumer & enterprise healthcare payments infrastructure for patients, providers, pharmacies, insurance carriers, benefits & HR. Visit the HealthBank website to learn more.

ShareChange Opportunities Foundation

A registered non-profit, ShareChange Opportunities Foundation offers microcredit donations to empower underbanked communities. Learn more about their work on the ShareChange’s website.

Buy with Impact

Buy with Impact, founded by David Morton, Malcolm Cameron, and Mathew Chan, uses everyday spending to fight climate change. To learn more about their unique approach, visit their website.


Spendzoon offers corporate cards allowing users to track the spending of their employees. To learn more about their services, check out their website.


BlockPaisa, founded by Diva Turial and Julio Zavala, specializes in fulfilling of financial needs of SMEs by providing credit cards, bank accounts, and related facilities. More about BlockPaisa can be found at their website.

Intecreate Software

Intecreate Software aids educational institutions in instantly obtaining credit cards for team-related expenses. Find out more about their innovative approach to educational finances at their website.

In the fast-paced world of startups, those who can adapt, innovate, and provide value to their customers will come out on top. These companies proudly represent the future of credit in Canada, with many more certain to emerge on the scene in the years to come.

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