Which Canadian GreenTech Startups are Shaping the Future of Sustainability?

Canada is a hub for environmental sustainability and the birthplace of several innovative Greentech startups. These companies are leading the way in the global fight against climate change. Ranging from carbon capture technologies to clean energy solutions, here are some Canadian Greentech startups worth following.

GreenTech, also known as clean technology, focuses on creating products, services, or processes that use renewable materials and energy, emit fewer greenhouse gases, and have a minimal impact on the environment. These startups are forward-looking, syncing technology innovation with environmental stewardship, an exercise in future-proofing the economy.

This sustainability movement is a solution to a set of global ecological challenges. Let’s understand how each of these 15 Canadian GreenTech startups is helping make a notable impact on the environment and potentially transforming the future of sustainability.

Carbon Streaming

Carbon Streaming offers an ESG principled investment vehicle that provides investors exposure to carbon credits. Founders Maurie Swan specifically targeted Impact Investing and Sustainability within the GreenTech sector.

Qube Technologies

Developing an IoT device, Qube Technologies uses AI to detect and reduce GHG emissions at oil and gas facilities. Founders Alex MacGregor has demonstrated innovation in Artificial Intelligence, GreenTech, and Internet of Things among others.


As a Canadian venture, TROES is focused on the development of smart power energy storage technologies, products, and solutions. The founder, Vienna Zhou, has shown grit in various sectors such as Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy.

Canadian Space Mining Corporation

Founded by Daniel Sax, the Canadian Space Mining Corporation is a pioneer in creating infrastructure to support life in space. It works in Aerospace, GreenTech, Mining, and several other sectors.


Reeddi is dedicated to innovating sustainable solutions for the production of clean and affordable electricity. Founded by Olugbenga Olubanjo, it operates in Clean Energy, GreenTech, and Renewable Energy sectors.


Founded by Arda Erturk and Richard Cao, Roll provides smart mobility solutions by offering dock-less electric scooter and bike share services to cities and campuses.

Piera Systems

Piera Systems, founded by Aaron Soh, provides solutions in Particulate Matter Sensors and Air Quality Monitoring.


Targeting the automotive sector, KILOWATTPACK offers mobile charging stations and Electric Carsharing. They are paving the way in Energy Storage, GreenTech, and Renewable Energy industries.


Creators, builders, and recycling facilities management experts Greg Gomes and Jeremie Bourgeois co-founded KrownCORP, a venture that converts garbage into high-value goods.

SensoDrive Technology

SensoDrive Technology, under the leadership of Founder Sasan Pasha, provides a Greentech IOT platform that connects underutilized amenities in buildings to users via a smartphone app.


TerranTek is a novel company that is focused on converting kinetic or motion energy back into electricity, falling under the broader GreenTech and Renewable Energy industry.


Co-founders Kristine White and Michael Saleh founded Spornado, an early alert system for crop disease that detects disease in the field. They have been innovative in the Agriculture, Sustainability, and AgTech industries.


OzoneBio, the brainchild of founders Anna Khusnutdinova and Khorcheska Batyrova, is a cleantech company specializing in lignocellulosic waste-derived bio-plastics production.


Nexpress, founded by Will Fan, emphasizes Micro Electric Vehicle Technology & Electronic Engineer Design, influencing the Battery, Cleantech, and GreenTech sectors.

Carbon Zero Finance

Jai Kumar Joon’s Carbon Zero Finance offers modular carbon capture and outdoor air purification services with blockchain technology. They have made a significant impact in the Clean Energy, GreenTech and Pollution Control industries.

By putting sustainability front and centre of their business models, these 15 Canadian GreenTech startups are helping make Canada a global leader in the transition to a greener, more sustainable economy.

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