What are Canada’s Most Influential Higher Education Startups in 2023?

The higher education sector is no longer confined to traditional classrooms and textbooks, thanks to the plethora of innovative startup companies making education more accessible, affordable, and effective via digitization. Canadian startups, in particular, are leading in transforming higher education with technologies that are pushing boundaries. We take a look at some of the most interesting higher education startups in Canada and how they are redefining the way we learn.

Whether it’s by creating online platforms that connect students to professional mentors, using artificial intelligence to predict the future of labor markets, or allowing students to save thousands of dollars on semester fees, these startups are shaping the future of higher education in Canada. They are bridging the gap between industry and academia, connecting students to the global community, and creating tools that support group learning and individual growth.

Here are 15 Canadian Higher Education startups that are making a significant impact:


Uvaro is a career success platform that provides professionals with the skills, coaching, and job opportunities needed for fulfilling careers. Founded by Derek Hall, Donna Litt, and Joseph Fung, Uvaro operates within the E-Learning, Education, Higher Education, Professional Networking, Recruiting, Sales, and Training industries.


Founded by Lopsii Olagoke, Tosmos is a closed marketplace application for the postsecondary community operating in the Higher Education, Marketplace, and PaaS industries.

Nimbus Learning

A personal learning platform, Nimbus Learning helps connect students with qualified tutors, instructors, and mentors. Founders Ben Attal and William Liu are pioneering advancements in the EdTech, Education, and Higher Education industries.


Founded by Rob Hernandez, Pounse offers career planning, education, and university services designed to provide students with a career springboard.

1Mentor Inc.

1Mentor Inc. is an EdTech startup that assists higher education institutions and students in understanding the rapidly-changing labor market and preparing for the future of work.


FLIK, founded by Michelle Kwok and Ravina Anand is both a platform and community hub connecting female students and leaders across the globe via meaningful apprenticeships.

Ensightful App

The Ensightful App is a team management tool made for higher education, aimed at helping students and instructors get the most out of group projects. The app was founded by Chris Du serving the EdTech and Higher Education industries.


Apprendo.io is a SaaS platform that trains managers to configure, procure, deploy, and manage certifications within a single interface. The startup was founded by Camilo Rivera and serves various industries including Corporate Training, EdTech, Education, Higher Education, Hospital, Human Resources, SaaS, Software, and Training.


Glish, founded by Ben Constanty and Jasmine Johal, offers modern English educational services through online courses and study abroad programs, touching upon the Continuing Education, E-Learning, Education, Higher Education, Language Learning, Natural Language Processing, Training, and Vocational Education industries.

Conquer Experience

The founders of Conquer Experience, Angela Robert and Dave Foster, fundamentally believe that education and experience impact healthcare outcomes. They serve various industries including Computer, Continuing Education, E-Learning, EdTech, Health Care, Higher Education, Simulation, Software, and Virtual Reality.

Leading Learners

With its mission of making it possible for individuals to learn anything, anytime, anywhere, Leading Learners was founded by Galicia Gordon and Karina Kaisa, who are innovating within the EdTech, Education, Higher Education, and Secondary Education sectors.


Student-Stop was founded by Ankit Gautam, Avishek Gautam, and Siddharth Gautam as a full-service web platform that provides international students with an array of required services online, operating in the Education, Finance, Food and Beverage, Higher Education, Internet, Real Estate, Travel, and Travel Accommodations industries.

Bluekey AI

Founded by Peter Han, Bluekey AI is an AI platform designed to match and apply to competitive programs in higher education. They operate within the Artificial Intelligence, EdTech, Higher Education, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics industries.

IEP Canada

Founded by Omid Titidezh, IEP Canada is dedicated to making studying abroad affordably accessible for international students, allowing them to save over $10,000 per semester.

Tutors On Demand

Tutors On Demand provides SaaS Virtual Tutoring for educational success, operating within the Continuing Education, Education, Higher Education, Meeting Software, Primary Education, SaaS, Secondary Education, Software, STEM Education, and Tutoring industries.

These startups are not just reinventing education in Canada but are also paving the way for a more accessible, affordable, and effective future of higher education worldwide. With their innovative ideas and disruptive technologies, they are indeed the game-changers and trendsetters in the global education sector.

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