Which Canadian Messaging Startups Are Revolutionizing Business Communication in 2023?

Canada has been making a significant mark in the world of startups, particularly in the messaging and communication sector. With its vibrant and innovative tech ecosystem, the country is home to a host of promising start-ups that are making strides in this field. Each one is providing unique solutions, addressing various needs in today’s fast-paced digital world. Here are 15 Canadian messaging startups, from healthcare to gaming, that deserve your attention.

These companies are enhancing the way we communicate and collaborate, boosting productivity and establishing stronger connections. Whether it’s through video conferencing, chat applications, or advanced messaging platforms, these startups are paving the way for a more accessible and efficient communication network.

With each startup’s unique approach and innovative use of technology, they are not only contributing to the communication landscape but also proving that Canada’s tech scene is a force to be reckoned with. Here’s a closer look at these interesting companies:

Emergency Response Africa

Emergency Response Africa (ERA) is a healthtech startup transforming emergency medical response in Africa. Conceived by founders Folake Owodunni and Maame Yaa Afriyie Poku, the startup seamlessly merges training, technology, and transportation to offer prompt and efficient medical emergency responses.


Crescendo brings AI-assisted microlearning to the forefront. Founders Daniel D’Souza, Sage Franch, and Stefan Kollenberg have integrated world-class content and intelligent analytics to provide exceptional L&D experiences.


imMail, led by Leonardo Valença, Rafael Menezes, and Rafael Menezes de Souza, offers chat and video for companies. The startup’s collaborative tools help businesses streamline their communication processes.

Heyday AI

Heyday AI offers an AI-driven platform tailored for retailers. Founders David Bordeleau, Hugues Rousseau, and Steve Desjarlais have carefully designed the platform to boost sales, customer service, and CRM through advanced messaging and video chats.


Sean Herman, the founder of Kinzoo, brings families closer with a private messenger that turns screen time into quality family time.


AIO, a startup founded by Vladimir Rigenco, utilizes artificial intelligence to match gamers who share similar interests, offering a unique social platform for gamers.


Aaron Nwabuoku and Raymond Chen, founders of ChatKitty, are helping businesses create in-app chats that are modern, affordable, and easy to set up.


Tensorgraph, founded by Wessam Gad El-Rab, offers an AI-powered conversational tool, Enzo Expert, that is designed to help businesses deliver personalised customer interactions.


Founded by Jonathan Léveillé, Berrycast offers a lightweight software that enables easy screen casting.

Plazus Technologies Inc.

Galya Westler’s innovation, Plazus Technologies Inc., leverages blockchain technology to facilitate identification of large group members and also monetize online attention.


Josh Barkin’s brainchild, Janis, specializes in AI management, enhancing how businesses leverage artificial intelligence.


LetMeTalk, founded by Charles Hackman, offers a unique solution that combines CRM, artificial intelligence, and messaging to generate more revenue for businesses.


Job recruiting is easier and more affordable with Rectxt, co-founded by Bradley Clark and Brian Thompson.


Loqus provides a unique platform to create, share, and discuss locations, revolutionizing how we view location-based services and messaging.

Hyntt Interactive

Hyntt Interactive offers a fun, social discovery app that combines dating, friendship, and support for local businesses into one intuitive platform.

From enhancing customer interaction to streamlining internal communications, these startups are revolutionizing messaging technology. As these Canadian companies continue to grow and innovate, the message is clear: The Great White North is indeed a hotbed of tech talent and innovation.

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