Which Calgary Internet Startups are Transforming the Digital Landscape in 2023?

It’s a thrilling time for tech innovation in Calgary, Alberta, as a multitude of Internet startups take root to offer inventive solutions to challenges in various industries. From artificial intelligence and environmental engineering to professional services, these enterprises are making their mark on the global startup scene. They light up the imagination with their contribution towards a future where technology makes life easier, safer and more exciting.

While the city’s primary economic base has historically been oil and gas, times are changing. Calgary is increasingly becoming home to promising Internet startups. Such startups are not just contributing to the local economy but also positioning Calgary as a tech hub of the future.

Let’s take a glimpse at fifteen such innovative startups in Calgary, Alberta, their vision, and the trailblazing work they’re doing in their respective sectors.

Qube Technologies

Qube Technologies is an IoT company determined to confront climate change head-on with its innovative AI device which, when installed at oil and gas facilities, helps in detecting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Co-founded by Alex MacGregor, this startup stands at the intersection of AI, GreenTech, Machine Learning, and IoT, with its pioneering solutions.


Goodlawyer, established by Brett Colvin and Thomas Alvarez, is revolutionising the legal industry with its Internet-based platform that connects entrepreneurs with competent, business-minded attorneys, making quality legal services easily accessible and affordable.


MobSquad is an Internet startup committed to helping other startups fill their talent gap by delivering full-time tech expertise. This ingenious company was designed and brought to life by Irfhan Rawji, Kaylee Astle, and Reid Wuntke.


KnowHow, co-founded by Leighton Healey and Travis Parker Martin, provides a highly efficient tool that assists companies in saving time, reducing errors and increasing profitability. They have expertly latched onto the needs of blue-collar businesses that can greatly benefit from their advanced technology solutions.

Yr Plans

Empowering employees to make sound financial decisions is integral to their well-being and productivity. Yr Plans spearheads in this direction by developing a financial platform that provides effective financial plans. John Kenny is among the innovative leaders of this exciting venture.


Beautster, Canada’s premier beauty booking platform, simplifies the way beauty appointments are booked and managed. Founders Ray Taghavi and Sina Jalali have crafted a delightful experience for consumers traversing the beauty industry.


Influencer marketing is all about making connections, and Embold facilitates this by providing a simplified solution. They make effective digital marketing and social media advertising within reach of all businesses, large and small.


Co-founded by Cory Smith, David Luecke, and Eric Kryski, Bidali is shaking up the world of finance with its innovative payment platform, helping businesses grow by accepting next-level payments.

AI Shading

AI Shading is a ground-breaking startup headed by Zack Zhang that employs AI & IoT-enabled technologies to reduce the environmental footprint of homes and buildings, pushing the boundaries in the fields of Green Consumer Goods, Real Estate, and Smart Cities.

HerdWhistle Technologies Inc.

HerdWhistle Technologies Inc., led by founder Adam Morand, is revolutionising Agriculture and Livestock Management with its advanced electronic livestock identification and traceability solutions.


Founded by Eric Yeung and Harley Christensen, PostGame brings technology into the world of sports with an innovative app that streamlines team management and finds great dining spots for teams to connect and celebrate post-game.

Craft Tapp

Craft Tapp, established by Irshad Shariff, is reshaping the alcohol industry by connecting consumers directly to local alcohol producers, modernizing the traditional liquor store experience with its internet-driven solution.


Founded by Ivana Novosel, IMLocum is addressing the veterinary industry’s scheduling challenges through its efficient platform, which enhances the workflow of veterinary professionals and clinics.

VOR Research & Development

VOR Research & Development is a frontrunner in the field of AI-enabled IoT & IIoT application development that focuses on cybersecurity, predictive analytics, and machine learning.


A pioneering marketplace for pet owners and pet-lovers alike, Geobark facilitates the building of mutually beneficial relationships, showcasing how internet startups are even changing the way we care for our lovable pets.

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