Who are Toronto’s Trailblazing Travel Startups Transforming the Industry?

The beauty and diversity of Toronto makes it an amazing place to start a travel tech company. The “Centre of the Universe” not only offers involving and diverse cultures, but also a myriad of high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship. We have searched high and low to find 15 of the most exciting travel tech startups that are based in Toronto, all of which promise to revolutionize how we travel, explore, and experience the world.

These startups operate in different domains of the travel industry, from car sharing and mobile apps, to property management software, and even space travel. The only commonality? They’re all capitalizing on cutting-edge technology and innovation to transform the way we think about travel and tourism in the digital age.

This roundup of 15 startups includes each company’s description and the problem they’re aiming to solve, the founders and their industry. These startups are not only influencing travel trends in Canada, but they are also making waves internationally. Here’s a closer look at these rising stars of the Toronto tech scene.


Treepz is a Mobility-as-a-Service platform working to establish safer transportation systems for millions of customers. Founded by Enagwolor Johnny, John Shaibu, and Oluseyi Afolabi, this innovative startup operates in the Car Sharing, Mobile Apps, Ride Sharing, Transportation, and Travel Industry.

Enso Connect

Enso Connect brings AI and smart home technology to the forefront of property management offering interactive guest experiences for the short-term rental space. This startup was founded by Francois Gouelo and Peter Sorbo.

Somm & DINR

Somm & DINR was founded by Jennifer Tkachuk-Tremblay Stasiewich. This startup leverages SaaS to provide a compelling combination of wine and FoodTech, pairing, recommendation engine, marketplace, and experiences in the E-Commerce, Reservations, Software, and Travel industry.

Eddy Travels

Fusing artificial intelligence and information technology, Eddy Travels has developed a travel assistant application to simplify travel planning. This startup was launched by Adomas Baltagalvis, Edmundas Balčikonis, and Pranas Kiziela.

Canadian Space Mining Corporation

Canadian Space Mining Corporation aims to create the infrastructure to support life in space. Founded by Daniel Sax, this company operates in the Aerospace, GreenTech, Mining, Mining Technology, Natural Resources, and Space Travel industries.


CHIRP focus on providing a intuitive private aviation platform offers a simple solution for companies to manage and grow their private charter sales. These collections of services were designed and developed by Charan Kumar Bommireddipalli and Tim Ray.


Resonance, with its website thequantuminsider.com, is operating on building the tech intelligence engine of the future. They belong to multiple industries – Database, Market Research, Media and Entertainment, News, Quantum Computing, and Space Travel.


Bookseats offers a platform simplifying how fans travel to events by providing custom flight, hotel, and ticket packages. This startup is active in the Reservations, Sports, and Travel industries.


Ruksack, founded by Athir Nuaimi and Tameem Iftikhar, connects travellers with local travel advisors for planning intimate and authentic journeys. The startup serves as an app in the Apps, Tour Operator, Travel, and Video industry.

Bonsai Hospitality Management

With its focus on enhancing the guest experience and standardized comforts, Bonsai Hospitality Management redefines the short-term rental market. Founders Daniel Iliescu and Michael Ng lead the team in the Hospitality and Travel industry.


Let’s empowers knowledgeable influencers with an online application that allows them to design, publicize, sell, and manage themed group trips. This startup makes its mark in the Tourism and Travel sector.


BoatLink is a web and mobile peer-to-peer marketplace connecting boat renters with boat owners and yacht charter companies. This startup serves the Adventure Travel, Boating, Hospitality, Leisure, Lifestyle, Marketplace, Peer to Peer, Tourism, Travel industry.

Flight Club

Flight Club is touted as the Airbnb for general aviation, simplifying the interaction and transaction process between aircraft owners and local pilots. Founded by Ehsan Monfared, Flight Club operates in the Air Transportation, Sharing Economy, Transportation, Travel industry.


Weav simplifies the sharing of rides between cities with its internet and mobile-based applications. Peter Meng, the founder of Weav, designed this startup to serve the Internet, Mobile Apps, Peer to Peer, Public Transportation, Ride Sharing, Transportation, and Travel industry.


For the eco-conscious traveller, bookeco, founded by Joseph Withers and Liam Duffy, offers an online platform connecting users with eco-friendly hotels, activities, and restaurants. This startup caters to the Sustainability, Tourism, and Travel industry.

As these innovative startups continue to disrupt the travel industry, it’s clear that Toronto is leading the way in creating game-changing travel tech platforms. Whether you love exploring new destinations or are a homebody who loves to dream, these startups offer something for everyone. Explore and experience these ingenious creations of entrepreneurial minds in Toronto.

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