Who are Mississauga’s Most Influential IT Startups Reshaping Tech in 2023?

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, is fast becoming a breeding ground for thriving Information Technology startups. The city’s Investment office-flanked by favourable business growth policies and support systems has propelled its growth, making the region a desirable hub for IT firms. This article takes a closer look at some of the most exciting Information Technology startups from Mississauga – their vision, offerings, and some interesting tidbits about their founders.

These startups range from companies that are leveraging AI and machine learning technologies to optimize different segments of the business, to others that provide unique solutions for shared challenges in industries like automotive, ecommerce and real estate. From cybersecurity solutions to AI-powered software services, there is a rich variety of IT startups making strides in Mississauga. All these enterprises have a unique story of innovation to tell, learning from their journeys offers a wealth of insight into the future of tech-based businesses.

Get ready to scroll through the future, as we delve deep into the world of these promising Mississauga IT startups. Their diversity in industries served and solutions offered stands testimony to the immense potential of the IT startup scene in Mississauga.


Shabodi is an innovative technology company pioneering a platform for app developers as part of the 5G revolution. Their mission is to power a completely new digital economy. Established by industry experts Harpreet Geekee and Vikram Chopra, Shabodi marks a new frontier in the Enterprise Software, Information Technology, and Software industries.


Facilitating a seamless auto trading experience, Autoly uses AI to make buyers, sellers, and owners journey more fun and less stressful. Spearheaded by Mohamad Sibai, it brings innovation to areas like Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Big Data, E-Commerce, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Information Technology, Internet of Things, Mobile Apps, and Software.

Workeefy Inc

Workeefy Inc transforms the home services sector through a digital marketplace, making it easier for Canadians to hire home services. Started by Ambathi Chethtey, Raman Dua, and Ritesh Malik, this startup’s focus areas are Apps, Home Services, Information Technology, Marketplace, and Mobile solutions.


Providing an IoT software and hardware solution that utilizes LED tech, adaptive control, and integrated communication, Intelight is helmed by visionary founder Dimithri Pieris. The firm primarily operates in the Information Services, Information Technology, Internet of Things, and Software industries.


Specializing in cybersecurity solutions and IT audit preparation, Oppos is providing robust security solutions for modern businesses. Their cornerstone industries include Cyber Security and Information Technology.


Fueled by AI development, MoogleLabs aims to revolutionize digital transformation for its clients. Founded by Ganesh Verma, the firm’s core industries include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Information Services, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software.

Emailgistics Corp.

Founded by Henry Lach and Michael Senechal, Emailgistics transforms team inboxes into powerful platforms for customer service, operations, sales, and logistics teams. This is a game changer in the Information Technology, SaaS, and Software sectors.

Maple Tech Space

Maple Tech Space, an experienced provider of services such as digital marketing, SEO, web design, IT consulting, and web development, harnesses the power of modern technology to provide comprehensive solutions for customers.

ZeMaas Inc

ZeMaas Technologies offers intelligent on-demand mobility and logistics solutions. This startup is making waves in the Food and Beverage, Information Technology, Logistics, SaaS, Software, and Transportation industries.


With its full range of UI UX Design, web, and mobile app design services, UIUXDen crafts beautiful and intuitive interfaces, catering to industries such as Graphic Design, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, UX Design, and Web Design.


Websiteroof, a leading web hosting company, caters to the needs of businesses and individuals alike. They are part of the Information Technology, Internet, and Web Hosting industry.


GiveLife365 offers CRM software tailored for non-profits. Shivraj Dheer established the company to better serve CRM, Information Technology, Non-Profit, SaaS, and Software industries.


Subtraid focuses on software development, specifically cloud-based project management software for construction industries. It operates within the Cloud Management, Construction, Information Technology, Project Management, and Software industries.


BrokerPocket offers a unique platform for off-market listings in the real estate industry. Founded by Eric Skicki, the company is impacting the Commercial, Information Technology, Real Estate, and Software sectors.

Prism Cloud Consulting

As a design-driven, strategy-led digital services firm, Prism Cloud Consulting specializes in providing marketing consulting. They operate within the Advertising, Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Information Technology industries.

From leveraging artificial intelligence to revolutionizing user experience, these startups are setting impressive benchmarks and shaping the future of various industry sectors. It is exciting to witness such a thriving startup ecosystem in Mississauga, fostering growth, and propelling innovation in IT.

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