Which Ontario Legal Startups Are Influencing Canada’s Business Landscape in 2023?

Ontario, the heart of Canadian innovation, continues to churn out inventive and impactful startups. This landscape is especially textured in the legal sector, where founding teams are creating platforms and solutions designed to simplify and streamline legal processes. With the rapid adoption of digital technologies, here are 15 Ontario-based legal startups that are disrupting the legal sector.

These startups are leveraging technology and digital platforms to revolutionize the legal landscape – from automating tasks for immigration lawyers and summarizing case law using AI, to online estate planning and platforms aiding newcomers with visas. They illustrate the breadth and depth of how legal tech is reshaping our understanding and interaction with legal services.

Many of these startups have also played a vital role in mitigating the repercussions of the global pandemic. By facilitating remote working solutions for law firms and providing simplified, affordable, and easily accessible services to users, they have gained prominence in recent times. Let’s delve into the unique offerings of these startups.


Brought to life by Erin Bury and Kevin Oulds, Willful is an online estate planning platform simplifying the process of preparing for and dealing with death.


Daniel Steinberg and James Ziavras’s brainchild, Lawbrokr, is a solution providing lawyers with templated Storefronts and helping convert and pre-qualify prospective clients through one dedicated link.


Founded by Michael Carr, Milovan Milic, and Tom Serani, Matter365 is a cloud platform for law firms helping to save time, bill more and work from home.


Launched by Josh Green and Sally Daub, BorderPass is a new and unique newcomer and visa management platform.


Those seeking simplicity in immigration services should check out SuperVisas, founded by Joe Chen, Sean Fu, and Spencer Dobrik.

Om Company

Om Company is a legal and fintech entity that builds software helping people protect everything they work for.


Roger Grekos devised BrainStormers, a platform offering startup development, strategic consultation and venture capital.


Anatolii Shkliaruk, Sviatoslav Svitlychnyi, and William Muir’s creation, Paqt, is a SaaS agreement setup and execution platform.


Developed by Orane Cole, CaseEasy is a CRM software that automates tasks for RCICs and Immigration Lawyers in Canada.


Aleri, an innovative software launched by Ben Paul, David Paul, and Ian Paul, streamlines the process of creating cross examination questions.


With LegalEdison, Aniket Bhatt leverages AI to summarize case law and create citations.

Destin AI

Founded by Nargiz Mammadova, Destin AI supports immigration to Canada through its AI-powered integrated solution.


Created by Michael P Cain, Lienfluent offers API access to augmented public registry data in Canada.

coSquare Inc.

Sajjad Ali Khoja and Vadim Lidich’s coSquare Inc. democratises access to legal help by providing free advice and templates, supported by real lawyers.


Immigratic is a digital immigration firm, constantly striving to make the process smoother and more efficient.

These Ontario-born startups are paving the way for a new age in legal tech, illustrating how the combination of law and technology can solve long-standing inefficiencies and improve accessibility. It is clear that this industry is on a fascinating growth trajectory.

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