What Are Ontario’s Most Influential Trading Platform Startups Today?

The Ontario region in Canada is a hub of innovation and growth for multiple industries. Within the realm of trading platforms, the area houses an impressive roster of startups. These companies are working on a range of solutions, from blockchain technologies to fiat currency exchanges, and from bridging financial services to incorporating cryptocurrency trading. These Ontario-based startups are transforming the financial world and are positioning themselves at the forefront of the changing landscape of trading platforms.

Several of these startups are leveraging Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to provide innovative trading solutions. Others are creating social trading platforms and brokerages for digital assets. The present world is acutely seeing the merger of technology and finance, and startups in Ontario are making significant headway into the future of financial services.

Below are some of the most promising and innovative trading platform-oriented startups based in Ontario, Canada and what they bring to the table.


Founded by Dustin Walper, Erynn Saunders, and Tyson Leslie, Newton.co is a cryptocurrency trading platform that focuses on buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum instantly. Its USP is the accessibility it provides through iPhone, Android, and web apps.


CoinSmart, launched by Jeremy Koven, Justin D. Hartzman, and Michael Koral, is a Crypto Trading Platform providing a plethora of services in the financial services industry.

Firefly Exchange

Nikodem Grzesiak and Zabi Mohebzada’s creation, Firefly Exchange, is a decentralized, orderbook-based exchange with an impressive sub-second trade settlement.


TRADE X, founded by Hunter Lee Soik and Ryan Davidson, is a unique platform in this list. This startup offers dealers an interactive global automotive trading platform.

Tritum Digital Assets

John Willock’s Tritum Digital Assets is a web3 liquidity company that occupies an essential place in the cryptocurrency and financial exchanges industry.

My Forex Funds

Launched by Anurag Jaiswal, My Forex Funds is a funding program that offers to trade, earn bonuses, and profit splits.

Lean Payments

A startup by Nadir Ibrahim and Syed M. Irfan, Lean Payments, empowers Canadian SMEs in the global economy by simplifying international cash flow management.


Uinvst, founded by Gurgavin Chandhoke, is a 0 commission trading platform designed to help retail investors started with investing.


An online trading platform for bitcoin, Atomic.Finance, was launched by Matthew Black and Tony Cai.


Pools, a creation of Josh Rozin, is a social investing and trading platform, combining aspects of financial services with social impact.


Founded by Anindya Kar, Sport.Trade allows users to invest in players and earn real money, monetizing their sports knowledge in a unique, tangible way.

S6 Global

S6 Global is a digital asset service platform that enables users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency and contract pairs.

Fabriik Markets

When it comes to the digital asset market, Fabriik Markets is committed to providing fast, reliable, and intelligent FinTech Solutions.

Crypto Parrot

Crypto Parrot emerges as a unique fusion between cryptocurrency and education, offering services as a cryptocurrency social trading company.


8V.com is a brokerage firm that provides services in digital asset exchange, crypto, future trading, and metaverse tokens, making it a notable player in the financial services industry.

The burgeoning Space of trading platform startups in Ontario is highly diverse and offers insight into the future of the financial services industry. These startups are prime examples of how technological advancements are paving the way forward, providing improved, exciting, and innovative solutions for trading in both traditional and digital currencies.

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