Which Quebec Consumer Startups Are Revolutionizing Canada’s Industry Landscape?

The Consumer Startups scene in Quebec has been making exciting developments with companies that are pushing the boundaries of creativity, innovation, and technology. These startups cover a wide spectrum, from tech-savvy products to eco-conscious solutions and from beauty and wellness to AI and analytics. All are aimed at enhancing the lives of consumers with smart, user-friendly, and sustainable offerings.

The Quebecois entrepreneurial energy is vibrant and thriving, often taking root in the thriving technology and digital sectors. These innovators are tackling both new and old problems head-on with modern solutions. They bring fascinating concepts to the table, promising significant potential in the consumer industry providing products and services built to make life easier, healthier, and environmentally friendly.

This article showcases 15 of these fresh Quebec-based startups. Their unique selling propositions, entrepreneurial journeys, and their potential to revolutionize the consumer industry would interest any tech-savvy entrepreneur, investor, or tech enthusiast.


Nolk is a data and analytics platform for e-commerce brands. Founders Alexandre Renaud and Francois Arbour have built their startup around the industries of Analytics, Brand Marketing, Consumer Goods, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, and Software.


Airgraft is a clean vaporization technology company, with Mladen Barbaric as its founder. The startup operates in the Cannabis, Consumer Electronics, and Wellness industries.


AAVAA develops a bionic ear that helps reduce noise and acts as a hearing impairment correction device. Co-founder Naeem Komeilipoor propels the startup in the Audio, Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Health Care, Human Computer Interaction, and Neuroscience industries.


Plantaform has introduced the world’s first smart indoor garden using Fogponics technology. Its founders Alberto Aguilar, Brendan McGann, and Georges Hamoush represent the AgTech, Consumer Goods, Hardware, and Home and Garden industries.


Radish is an online restauration platform organized as a solidarity cooperative between restaurants, deliverers, and consumers. Co-founders Mansib Rahman, Masum Rahman, and Mostafa Saadat maintain a focus in the Consumer Reviews, Food Delivery, Reservations, and Restaurants sectors.


Goodee is a home and lifestyle marketplace and an online destination for sustainable designs. Founded by Alyssa D’Arienzo Toro, Byron Peart, and Dexter Peart, the startup operates in the Consumer, Home Décor, Lifestyle, and Marketplace industries.


Fluent is a chrome extension that helps users learn a new language as they browse the web. The minds behind the startup—Ara Ghougassian, Gavin Dove, and Olga Sanchís—are evolving the Browser Extensions, Consumer Software, E-Learning, Education, Internet, and Language Learning sectors.

TripleOne Inc

TripleOne Inc is a Decentralized Concept™, sweeping a broad spectrum of industries including Beauty, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Fashion, Fitness, Food and Beverage, Information Technology, Marketing, Restaurants, and Telecommunications. The startup is helmed by James William Awad.


SOLIOS Watches designs and brings eco-friendly solar-powered timepieces to the consumers, focusing on Consumer, Fashion, Jewelry, and Sales industries.


MYNI offers water-soluble cleaning products that are safe for the family and the planet. The industries the startup operates in include E-Commerce, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, and Shopping.


Bello enables its users to create their own healthy and customized water at home. Founders Clément Bouland and Marc Schaal lead the startup in the CleanTech, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Hardware, and Water Purification industries.

Vegeat Foods

Vegeat Foods is a plant-based food company offering vegetable chicken breasts, fillets, sausages, and nuggets. The startup operates in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, and Organic Food sectors.

INCIA Digital

INCIA Digital enables financial institutions to provide loans against crypto, with Joey D-Jet as a founder. INCIA Digital operates in the Consumer Lending, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Financial Services, and FinTech industries.


BocoBoco is an online retail grocery store offering zero waste and ecological delivery services. BocoBoco operates in the Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Grocery, and Retail industries.

Aarish Technologies

Aarish Technologies develops high-performance, low-power, and low-cost Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerators. With Pavel Sinha as a founder, Aarish Technologies navigates the Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Electronics, Machine Learning, and Software sectors.

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