Which Quebec Retail Startups are Transforming Canada’s Shopping Landscape?

Quebec, the predominantly French-speaking province in eastern Canada, has rapidly emerged as a hub for entrepreneurial growth and innovation. Part of this growth has been stimulated by an exciting array of retail startups, each one with a distinct vision and novel ideas. These startups, powered by state-of-the-art technologies, are at the forefront of revolutionizing various aspects of traditional retail including shopping, packaging, product discovery, and more. This article will highlight 15 of Quebec’s groundbreaking retail startups and take a closer look at their stories, innovations, and future directions.


Founded by JD Rocheteau and Jonathan Muschalle, QuoteMachine is a cloud software aimed at aiding local retailers in transforming instore conversations into online sales. This startup, categorized under the industry of E-Commerce, Retail Technology, SaaS, Sales Automation, and Software, provides a platform for physical retailers to seamlessly transition into the new age of online retail.


Leav is another Retail Technology startup based in Montreal. Founded by Charles-Étienne Simard, Evgeny Grachev, and Olivier Roy, Leav is working on building a store automation platform that’s geared towards the future of retail. They are extensively involved with Mobile Payments, Retail Technology, and Software.


Tote is an AI-powered mobile apparel marketplace that allows shoppers to effortlessly find clothing from various brands. With Ege Karabuk, Chad Sarrouf, and Jacob Sytner at its helm, this E-Commerce, Fashion, Marketplace, Mobile, and Retail industry startup is streamlining the shopping process using cutting-edge AI technology.

Cano Company

The Cano Company has developed a turnkey solution that enables food retailers to eradicate single-use packaging, reduce overheads, and increase customer loyalty. In the realm of Apps, Food and Beverage, Information Technology, Marketing, Mobile, Retail, and Software, the Cano Company stands out. Founder Marco Gartenhaus spearheads this innovative venture.


Dedicated to transforming online shopping experiences, Pricify.co enables users to add favorite products to a watchlist which alerts them when the price drops. Founder Kiran S Kumar pioneers this E-Commerce, Information Technology, and Retail startup.


Moast, led by founder Mark Yeramian, is an innovative peer-to-peer showroom platform for e-commerce stores operating in the B2B, E-Commerce, and Retail Technology industry.

Parmi Lifewear

Tackling the Fashion, Outdoors, Product Design, and Retail industry is Parmi Lifewear. Led by Maxime Boissonneault, they specialize in crafting durable outdoor essentials for both adults and kids who love outdoor adventures.

Hilo Smart Mirror

The Hilo Smart Mirror is engineering next-generation retail experiences with their Interactive Mirror and Virtual Try-On software tailor-made for retail stores, Cosmetic, Eyewear, and Hair Color industries.


BocoBoco is an online retail grocery store providing zero-waste and eco-friendly delivery services, championing sustainability in the Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Grocery, and Retail industry.


Founded by Marc Felgar, Seniorsafetyreviews.com is a platform dedicated to reviewing products and services for seniors, operating under the E-Commerce, Internet, and Retail sectors.


Steven Myrthil Beauté is a Humanitarian, Vegan, and Spiritual organization that creates and sells essential beauty products for men and women of colour, masterminded by founder Steven Myrthil.


Boxz, led by founder Pierre-Alexandre Fakhari, connects surplus inventory from retail stores to shoppers at significant discounts. This mobile marketplace operates under the E-Commerce, Marketplace, Mobile, and Retail domains.


Founder Robert Marzin heads Manmade, an apparel manufacturing and distribution company offering briefs, socks, and t-shirt products, operating within the Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Fashion, Manufacturing, Product Design, Retail, and Supply Chain Management sectors.


FlinchNot is a Web Development company that creates websites for e-commerce stores. This CMS, E-Commerce, Retail Technology, Software, Web Development, and Web Hosting startup is pushing boundaries of retail’s digital presence.

BNorth Domicile

BNorth Domicile provides an eclectic range of products such as living, dining, beauty, wellness, home accessories, and clothing items. Beverly Shwarzer leads this Fashion, Home Decor, and Retail firm, adding charm to diverse living spaces.

In a world increasingly driven by digitalization and technology, these Quebec-based startups have secured their spots at the frontier of retail innovation. Endowed with dynamic leadership and distinct visions, these companies are undoubtedly forging the future of retail, one innovation at a time.

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