Who are Canada’s Leading Influence-Drivers in 2023 Data Visualization Startups?

Canada has always been home to innovative startups – from companies revolutionizing the energy efficiency industry, to those breaking new grounds in analytics and cryptocurrency. The tech industry is particularly exciting, with many startups pushing the boundaries in one particular area – data visualization. This cutting-edge field involves the graphical representation of information and data. In this article, we will shine a spotlight on some interesting Data Visualization startups hailing from Canada, alongside their founders, websites, and descriptions that make them noteworthy.

The need for data visualization has never been more compelling as vast amounts of data are generated every day. Without tools and applications to visualize this information, making sense of it can prove to be challenging. Data visualization tools simplify this complex data, making it easier to interpret and understand, regardless of its volume or complexity. As Canada continues to lead up the helm of innovative technology, it also continues to play host to myriad startups geared towards solving today’s analytics challenges.

From cleantech companies utilizing IoT coupled with plant-based air purification technology to companies addressing overlooked problems such as read-scalability, these startups not only provide solutions but also set a new standard for innovation. Canadian startups have demonstrated that they have what it takes to compete on the world stage, with their cutting-edge technologies attracting attention globally. Let’s delve into these future-forward companies.

Origen Air

Origen Air was founded by Andrew Crawford, Ryan Lider, and Susan Blanchet. This company operates in the cleantech industry, and its unique approach employs plant-based, IoT-connected air purification technology. The melding of tech with environmental sustainability marks Origen Air as a unique player in the data visualization industry.


Co-founded by Ganesh Swami and Levi Aul, Covalent is a startup that addresses the frequently overlooked issue of read-scalability. Operating in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Covalent is a faction of the data integration and visualization industry.


Evidence is an open-source code-based business intelligence tool company founded by Adam McAskill and Sean Hughes. As part of the analytics, business intelligence, and data visualization industry, the company brings a unique perspective to IT and software development.

GreyJay Energy

GreyJay Energy is an energy service technology company founded by Kam Shergill. It is revolutionizing the way organizations transform their buildings into efficiency superstars. Situated within the data visualization, energy, and machine learning industry, it adds an extra layer of efficiency and visibility to energy usage.


Tactii aims to make machine learning more accessible for small companies. Founded by Raja CSP Raman, this startup operates within the analytics, data visualization, and predictive analytics industry.

Clue Digital

Clue Digital, founded by Gleb Maor, is an advertising technology and marketing company. It is adding a data-driven approach to the advertising and digital media sector, using data visualization techniques to offer forward-thinking brand and agency services.

Kai Analytics

Established by Kai “Kevin” Chang Chang, Kai Analytics is a company that utilizes innovative technologies, such as natural language processing and machine learning, for market research purposes. It works in the realm of analytics, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and data visualization.


Fuelled by the inventive mind of Raza Jafri, METAWORLDX introduces a revolutionary concept around digital twin environments. The startup uses data visualization and real estate tech to create a fresh tech-centric approach towards real estate projection.


SweetData.io is a data marketplace aimed at meeting the needs of machine learning and big data purposes. Its functionalities include the ability to search, buy, sell, and download datasets. Operating under the umbrella of artificial intelligence, big data, data visualization, and software, this company offers expansive potential.

Cevian Technologies

With a focus on the development of data acquisition, visualization, and reporting tools, Cevian Technologies is carving out a niche in the software industry.


AYE3D is a company specializing in 3D visualization, graphic design, and software development, among other services. Founded by Jean-Etienne Gaudreau, it offers a range of services under advertising, data visualization, and graphic design.

AbbaTek Group

AbbaTek Group believes in delivering solutions for overlooked environmental data challenges. By believing in small wins for big changes, they’re carving a niche in the data visualization and environmental consulting sector.

Semantic Brain

Focused on financial AI products designed for investment analysis, data visualization, and intelligence augmentation, Semantic Brain is reimagining the finance and financial services industry.


As a software services company, Cogdina, founded by Roshan Shah, offers a wide range of services indicative of the vast potential inherent in big data, business intelligence, and data visualization.

Unisights Research and Analytics

Unisights Research and Analytics, founded by Smita DS, aims to offer end-to-end insights. Their services span across the spectrum of analytics, big data, business intelligence, consumer research, data visualization, and predictive analytics, positioning them as diverse players in this dynamic landscape.

With innovation as the driving force, these startups are shaping the future of data visualization in Canada and beyond. As we continue to generate data at an unprecedented rate, the role of these startups in helping businesses and individuals understand this data will only become more significant. As the field of data visualization continues to mature and evolve, it will be fascinating to watch these startups grow and transform along with it.

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