Which Calgary Social Media Startups are Transforming Online Interaction in 2023?

Calgary, Alberta, located in the heart of Canada, has become a hub for social media startups. Numerous young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs are developing ideas in the social media realm. These ventures cover a wide range of services, from advertising to event management, digital marketing, and even a virtual space for seniors to connect. Here, we list 15 interesting social media startups based in Calgary.

These startups have carved a niche for themselves by leveraging the power of social media. Their services cater to businesses looking for advanced marketing solutions, professionals needing to manage their digital reputation, or people seeking innovative ways to connect online. Below is a deep dive into these exciting startups, all contributing to the ever-evolving social media industry in Calgary.

As we explore these startups, you will find an interconnected world of digital marketing, advertising, and innovative social media platforms. Each startup featured here offers unique solutions to the vast and growing demands of the digital world.


Embold is a startup that specializes in making Influencer Marketing accessible. Their expertise lies in the sectors of Advertising, Advertising Platforms, Digital Marketing, Internet, Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Social Media.


Co-founded by Claudiu Bella, pronto is a virtual studio delivering streamlined product photography for eCommerce brands. Their industry focus is Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Photo Editing, Photography, and Social Media.


Arcade, founded by Mike Payne, is a digital agency offering a variety of services in strategy, content production, social media, email marketing, and digital advertising.


Marketify is a Calgary startup that provides Performance Marketing, PPC, Marketing Strategy, SEO, and Social Media Marketing services.

Display Digital Marketing

Founded by Sheldon Semmler, Display Digital Marketing is a digital marketing firm specializing in advertising services. They cover SEO, social media, and web design and development.

Maven Media Group

Maven Media Group is a fully integrated marketing team. They create and publish digital content, and specialize in Marketing and Social Media.


Socialveil, co-founded by Dario Joseph Verrelli and Jonathan Stiansen, is a visual-centric SaaS startup for social media management that focuses on smart design, efficiency, and education.


Basar Optimization provides digital marketing services, offering marketing automation and content marketing.

Vision Management

Vision Management is an Internet company committed to providing social media management and analytics services.

Swiftly Labs

Swiftly Labs is a startup that specializes in Ethical Digital Reputation Management Systems, SEO, and Content Marketing.

Unleashing Influence

Unleashing Influence is a Social Media Company that caters to Credible Professionals. They focus on Advertising, Digital Media, Social Media, and Social Media Marketing.


ShareSupplier is a marketing service provider for numerous Social media websites, focusing largely on Brand Marketing and Social Media.

Blink Digital Consulting

Blink Digital Consulting specializes in Digital Marketing services and Social Media Marketing Management.

Altered Digital

Altered Digital is a digital marketing and web design company providing services like SEO & SEM, data analytics, custom design, and more.

Virtual Coffee House 55+

The last but not the least, Virtual Coffee House 55+ caters to the senior population. It is a website that matches seniors in groups to chat internationally using meetup software, thereby breaking the barriers of distance and creating a global social network for the elderly.

In conclusion, Calgary, Alberta is a melting pot of innovative ideas in the social media sector. Whether it’s creating better advertisement platforms, or connecting people virtually, these startups are changing the way we interact online. The above list is a testament to the city’s burgeoning startup scene, offering a glimpse into the future of social media in the digital age.

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