Who Are Alberta’s Top Security Startups Transforming Canada’s Tech Landscape?

Welcome to another edition of our series spotlighting the movers and shakers in Alberta’s innovative startup scene. In this feature, we delve into the world of security-oriented enterprises. Security startups represent a rapidly evolving niche within the technological landscape, catering to the growing need for robust safeguards as digital technologies continue to advance and cyber threats become more sophisticated. These ventures offer inventive solutions, from creating safe online environments to enhancing data privacy and protection. Let’s meet these entities helping to secure the digital frontiers.

In Canada, security startups are carving their mark particularly in Alberta. Home to a clutch of exciting new ventures, Alberta is becoming a hotbed for security startups, providing crucial services that leverage cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and quantum computing. These businesses are not only safeguarding data and privacy but are also addressing sector-specific necessities like financial transaction security and physical security, amongst others.

In this article, we highlight 15 prominent security startups from the region, exploring their concepts, founders, industries, and many other details. Here’s our curated list of Alberta-based security startups that are making significant strides within their space:

Canadian Blockchain Consortium

Canadian Blockchain Consortium aims at bringing together businesses, developers, and adopters under one roof promoting blockchain technology. Founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts, the consortium operates in the blockchains security space.

Intelli Network

Created by Kamea Aloha Lafontaine, Intelli Network is a peer-to-peer crime reporting platform making use of a distributed ledger network. The company’s operations span multiple industries, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, cyber security, information technology, legal, and network security.


Developed by Peter Jurisic, Budee is an app designed to help workers stay alert to risks all day. This innovation opes to reduce accidents, thereby saving lives. Budee offers solutions in the Apps, Enterprise Software, and Security side.


Founded by Jay and Kim Krushell, TreeFort offers a secure virtual meeting and document signing platform. Their company deals with privacy, security, and software sectors.

Cyber Unit

Cyber Unit provides enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions. While the founders have chosen to remain anonymous, their business is a crucial part of the computer, information technology, network security, and software sectors.


Offering a full suite of office products and support, JOT IT caters to the hardware, information technology, and security sectors. From on- and off-site support to management consulting, it’s a holistic solution for businesses.

Ammolite Analytx

Delving into the world of Quantum AI Cybersecurity, Ammolite Analytx works towards advancing threat intelligence. Their work involves artificial intelligence, cloud security, finance, and several other industries.

VOR Research & Development

VOR Research & Development is an AI-enabled IoT & IIoT application company. They work on creating solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, information technology, IoT, and others.


Developed by Darren Boyer, Lightcatch is a crime-reporting tool for those who witness a crime or capture illegal activity on video. The startup operates in mobile and security sectors.

Adaga Solutions

Adaga Solutions comprises a team of geosteerers, geologists, drilling engineers, and programmers experienced in oil and gas industry. They are a part of the developer platform, security, and software sectors.


BCFSA specializes in the supervision and regulation of the financial service sector. As an agency, they aim to secure transactions, playing a crucial role in the financial services, government, guides, and security sectors.

Orcashore Inc.

With a focus on creating a secure file sharing system, Orcashore Inc. is built on a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Their operations span across apps, security, and software industries.


Founded by Boris Polujin, Psilobyte provides a range of IT services ranging from emergency IT services, storage solutions, IT networking services, to cloud systems, and more. The startup offers services in cloud data services, information technology, IT management, and security sectors.


LuminCX is a highly secure and sovereign data storage & sharing platform. Their forte lies in blockchain, cyber security, data storage, privacy, and security sectors.

Security Hounds International Corp.

Established by Ronald McGuffin and Tracy DesLaurier, Security Hounds International Corp. offers Cyber Security as a Service. The startup specializes in providing secure hardware, monitoring, and counters to attack along with a comprehensive Cyber Insurance base. They largely operate in the Cyber Security, Network Security, and Security sectors.

Straight from Alberta’s thriving security-oriented technology landscape, these startups reflect the evolution and potential inherent in the security sector. Stay tuned to our space as we continue to bring you more such insights into the world of Canadian startups.

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