Are These Alberta’s Most Influential Service Industry Startups of Today?

Canada, and more specifically, Alberta, is fast becoming a hub for startup innovation. The province is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and its commitment to cultivating a thriving environment for startups. More specifically, the service industry in Alberta is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with new companies emerging each year that leverage technology and innovation to solve real-world problems.

In this piece, we’re highlighting 15 service industry startups in Alberta that have caught our eye. These include companies from a range of fields like app development, logistics, health care, construction, and even artificial intelligence. What they all have in common, besides their Alberta roots, is an approach focused on sidestepping traditional pathways, valuing innovation and driving change in their respective industries.

These startups are applying technology and innovative thinking to create services that are transforming industries and the way business is conducted. Let’s dive in to meet these companies, their founders, and learn more about the work they are doing.


Founded by Gregg Oldring and Tony Williams, Zept is an app that matches international students with universities, simplifying the search and application process. Working within the Apps, Internet, Internet of Things, and Service Industry sectors, Zept aims to make global education more accessible.


Scription assists maintenance and repair companies by offering subscription maintenance plans for commercial and industrial equipment. Scription operates within the Facilities Support Services, Logistics, and Service Industry space. The startup aims to streamline the maintenance process for companies of all scales.

4pi Lab

4pi Lab, founded by Stephen Achal, is revolutionizing aerospace, satellite communication, and service industries by developing technology that allows for geo-location detection with extreme accuracy. This technology has vast applications and potential impacts across multiple industries.


Deeleeo serves businesses and consumers with an on-demand, tech-based crowdshipping delivery service offering same-day local delivery. Their services have been of particular importance and relevance in a world disrupted by the pandemic.


Signalytic, co-founded by Bryan Plummer and Nico Christofi, is a company focused on digitizing and connecting health facilities in rural and remote areas. This technology-centric approach to healthcare broadens the reach of medical services and facilitates efficiency in healthcare delivery.


Founded by Rashad Bayram, RECEIPT DEPOT provides a bookkeeping solution for businesses to record, store and report every detail of their transactions. By leveraging tech and streamlining the accounting process, RECEIPT DEPOT enhances the efficiency of businesses.

Legacy Heating & Cooling

Legacy Heating & Cooling provides ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) solutions. Their services address the challenges of energy management and help businesses in the fields of construction and building maintenance enhance their operations.


GeoVerra is a geospatial and mapping company offering land survey services to industries such as oil & gas, forestry, construction, and legal. This startup plays a critical role in shaping Alberta’s infrastructural growth.


MopSpot is redefining the cleaning industry with its platform that matches businesses and homeowners with professional cleaning services. Their approach ensures that all cleaning jobs are carried out in a hassle-free, reliable manner.

Crowd Car

Offering a crowdsourced approach to deliveries, Crowd Car is making an impact in the consumer services, automotive, industrial, and service industry sectors, reducing the regular wait times and expenditure that regular delivery routes invite.


Navigating in the business of dry cleaning and laundry services, LaundryWell is revolutionizing laundry and dry-cleaning industries, offering a novel approach to an age-old industry.

True You Salon & Spa

True You Salon & Spa offers hairstyling, coloring, treatments, and spa services. They adhere to the highest standards in health care and wellness, thereby contributing to Alberta’s booming beauty industry.

Mast Hair

Another contributor to Alberta’s beauty industry, Mast Hair operates a barbershop that also sells men’s grooming products such as hair paste online. They balance both the online and offline aspects of their business seamlessly.


OPX Ai, founded by Jai Kumar Joon, is making remarkable strides in the fields of SaaS, Ai, Machine Learning, SCADA, Data Analytics, Big Data, Automation, IIoT, Industry 4.0. With their work in analytics, artificial intelligence, and web development, they’re propelling Alberta’s service industry forward through innovative tech solutions.

Bullseye Digital Marketing

Bullseye Digital Marketing is an online marketing and advertising services provider. Their imaginative and effective campaigns make them a sought-after player in the marketing industry in Alberta.

In conclusion, these Alberta startups are redefining the service industry through ingenious approaches and scalable solutions. They’re not merely surviving in their industries – they’re setting new trends and pushing boundaries. Certainly, these companies are worth keeping an eye on as we travel further into this decade.

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