Who are Alberta’s Most Influential Web Design Startups in 2023?

Alberta, Canada is home to a burgeoning startup ecosystem with some promising enterprises that are making impressive strides in the field of web design. This article serves as a deep dive into some of the innovative startups from this area. With diverse applications ranging from AI-powered tools to creative web design solutions, these Alberta-based startups signify the broad scope and potential of the web design industry today.

The thriving tech scene in Alberta has seen a notable rise in entrepreneurial endeavors concentrating on web design and related leaps. With over fifteen unique startups detailed below, the web design industry is seeing exciting trends and innovations, creating opportunities for businesses to magnify their digital footprint. Read on to enlighten yourself about these enterprises who are leveraging modern technical and creative skills to reshape the digital world!

This curation of startups brings forth the entrepreneurs’ innovative strides that are set to revolutionize the web design arena with their contributions. Their offerings span multiple industries, making them valuable to businesses across the board. Here’s an insight into each of these startups and what sets them apart.

Dingus and Zazzy

Dingus and Zazzy is a versatile marketing solution, co-founded by Jonathan Sturgeon. Specializing in various aspects of digital marketing, their distinct operation involves strategic marketing, from branding and social media to web design.

Smobler Studios

Smobler Studios is a pioneer in the field of metaverse architecture and Web3 design, creating appealing graphics and animations for their clients.


Vellgus offers a range of technology solutions, from web and mobile app development services to AI-powered utilities. They help startups and established businesses alike to harness the power of technology for their benefit.

Guru SEO and Web Design Services

Co-founded by Jesse Tutt, Guru SEO and Web Design Services specializes in SEO services, web design, and development not only in Alberta but also across the globe.

YEG Digital

YEG Digital is a web design and SEO company co-founded by Paul Letourneau. They are dedicated to building optimized and impactful digital platforms for their clients.


ShoutCMS provides a unique platform for website and eCommerce development, enabling businesses to create more efficient and professional digital experiences.

Display Digital Marketing

Display Digital Marketing, lead by Sheldon Semmler, offers a variety of advertising and digital marketing services, including SEO, web design, and development.


Founded by Solehin Sagor, TechCare is a tech flat-rate service providing website design and maintenance services to various businesses.

Blue Yolk Inc.

Blue Yolk Inc. offers a visual web design tool allowing users to build professional-looking websites without dealing with any code.

Cosmic Collaborative

Cosmic Collaborative is a progressive digital design agency that specializes in both website design and branding, providing holistic solutions to its clients’ digital needs.

Altered Digital

Altered Digital offers a wide range of digital services from SEO, SEM, data analytics, custom design to more, creating comprehensive marketing solutions for its clients.

Crowe IT

Crowe IT ensures that brands connect with people effectively through specially curating digital experiences that help create a strong connection between brands and clients.

SEMO Creative Inc

SEMO Creative Inc is vested in the aim to foster small business growth through effective online marketing solutions. They specialize in advertising, digital marketing, SEO, and web design.


Ehmulation is an agency specializing in web design and development, providing creative graphic designs and effective social media marketing strategies to their clients.

Rednosal PLUS

Rednosal Plus delivers tailored web design, promotional products, and local SEO services to accurately reflect businesses and their ethos to the digital world.

In conclusion, the web design startup ecosystem of Alberta, Canada provides an exciting illustration of the thriving technological and entrepreneurial spirit. The startups mentioned above are leading the way in innovative web design to meet the needs of an ever-advancing digital age.

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