Which Ontario Hardware Startups Are Shaping the Future in 2023?


Airzai (https://www.airzai.com) is a technology startup aiming to revolutionize the fragrance industry through the application of AI and Machine Learning. The company was founded by Muneeb Mushtaq and Nabeel Mushtaq, specializing in the Artificial Intelligence, Direct Marketing, Hardware, Machine Learning, and Smart Home sectors.


Relocalize (https://www.relocalize.com/) is pioneering micro-factories for food production, providing consumers with fresh, high-quality food products. The startup was founded by Grant Jobb and Wayne McIntyre and operates within Consumer Goods, Food Delivery, Food Processing, Hardware, Industrial, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, Retail Technology, and Robotics sectors.


WeavAir (https://www.weavair.com/), established by Natalia Mykhaylova, provides comprehensive software and hardware solutions for air distribution systems, aiming to prevent air contamination and infections. This company operates in the Computer, Hardware, Network Security, and Software industries.


MesoMat (http://mesomat.com) is a company specialising in the production of conductive, stretchable fibers that serve as lightweight sensors. These sensors, when embedded within a material, can effectively monitor strain and mechanical failure. Founded by Kari Dalnoki-Veress, Paul Fowler, and Sukhbir Kalirai, it functions in the Advanced Materials, Hardware, Internet of Things, Sensor, and Software sectors.


Krippit (https://krippit.com/), founded by Melissa Chung, is a FashionTech company that excels in 3D Printing of accessories for Women’s High Heels. The company is a pioneer in the 3D Printing, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Fashion, Hardware, Retail, Shoes, Sustainability, and Wearables sectors.

Auctify, Inc.

Auctify, Inc. (http://www.preorderspecs.com) is a hardware tech startup specialising in the production of Focus Tracking Smart Glasses. The company’s main areas of operation are Hardware, Machine Learning, Software, and Wearables.

GroupPay Inc.

GroupPay Inc. (https://grouppay.com) is a mobile payment aggregator looking to simplify the process of group payments. Founded by Sammy Jarquin, this startup operates within the Finance, FinTech, Hardware, Mobile Payments, Payments, SaaS, and Software sectors.


extrAbility (https://extrability.io) is a tech startup specialising in the creation of smart mini-stores around the city. The company operates within the Hardware, Retail Technology, and Smart Cities sectors.

Entangled Networks

Entangled Networks (https://www.entanglednetworks.com) is a tech startup that provides end-to-end quantum computer solutions. The company operates exclusively within the Hardware industry.


PulSenics (https://www.pulsenics.com) is a provider of real-time electrochemical system monitoring and control solutions. Founded by Essam Elsahwi and Mariam Awara, this company operates within the Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, Hardware, and Software sectors.


Mercku (https://www.mercku.com) is a Wireless Technology Company developing innovative solutions for the modern era. The company was founded by Alex S. Qi, Fred Yu, and Yihong Qi and functions within the Hardware, Internet of Things, and Wireless sectors.


Ceotech (https://ceotech.ca) is an IT startup focused on creating Smart Home Technology and Automation solutions. Founded by Dmitry Gusev, Vladimir Shcherbukhin, and Yuri Gerber, Ceotech operates within the Hardware, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Smart Home, and Software Engineering sectors.


SocialBus (https://www.socialbus.co), co-founded by Breno Assis and Guilherme Luiz Ferreira, is an intelligent App and Platform for managing shuttle buses and vans. The company operates within the Fleet Management, Hardware, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Mobile Apps, Software, and Transportation sectors.

Transport Genie

Transport Genie (https://www.transportgenie.ca) offers precise monitoring solutions for the humane and sustainable transportation of livestock, contributing to resolving global food security issues. It operates within the AgTech, Blockchain, Hardware, and Internet of Things sectors.

Sonnet Labs

Sonnet Labs (https://www.sonnetlabs.com/), founded by Boken Lin, Junmin Guo, and Randolf Gioro, uses a long-range mesh network to establish connectivity when existing communications infrastructure is unavailable. The company operates within the Communication Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Internet of Things, and Wireless sectors.

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