Which Ontario Agriculture Startups are Pioneering the Industry in 2023?

As an agricultural powerhouse, Ontario, Canada is home to an array of innovative AgTech startups using cutting-edge technology to transform farming and food systems. These startups tackle various challenges facing agriculture today, ranging from climate change, food waste, inefficient supply chains, and barriers to sustainable practices. This article highlights 15 Ontario-based agricultural startups making significant strides in the farming and agri-food industry.

Ontario’s leading position in the agri-food sector can be attributed to the province’s fertile land, favorable climate, and extensive agricultural research capabilities. This environment has fostered a broad spectrum of startups, leveraging technology to optimize farming processes, reduce food waste, and enhance sustainability in agriculture.

These Ontario-based startups have shown that innovation combined with agriculture can yield revolutionary techniques and practices that not only make farming more efficient but also contribute to a sustainable future. Let’s take a look at 15 of these exciting startups:


IntelliCulture was founded by Cole Powers, Ramin Shaikhi, and Wenhao Michael Wu to help farms grow into a sustainable and profitable business. The startup’s platform empowers farmers with necessary tools and analytics to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and maximize profitability.


Cultivatd, co-founded by Eric Bergeron and Eric Levesque, is an indoor farming tech provider. Cultivatd is designed to identify and address all indoor farming needs, offering tech-infused solutions for enhancing yields and optimizing farm operations.


OurFoodFuture is an initiative dedicated to reducing food waste. Although the founders remain unnamed, their work in the field is significant, driving environmentally friendly practices in the agricultural sector.


Mazlite, founded by Amirreza Amighi and Cameron Dallas, provides an Industrial IoT platform for spray monitoring and digitization. This technology enhances spraying efficiency while reducing waste.

Urban Stalk Inc.

Urban Stalk Inc, co-founded by Brent Downey, is pushing the boundaries of hydroponic technologies. The startup is developing innovations to ensure increased food security for urban and at-risk communities.

Innovative Protein Technologies

Innovative Protein Technologies (IPT), co-founded by Daniel Krska and Erin Laidley, is a biotechnology company developing eco-friendly crop protection products. The company provides environmentally sustainable alternatives to traditional chemical pesticides.

Grain Discovery

Grain Discovery, co-founded by Peter Vincent, Rory O’Sullivan, and Ruairi Hanafin, is a white-label B2B SaaS platform that simplifies the grain supply chain by enabling grain buyers and sellers to digitize manual processes.


SoilOptix, co-founded by Barry Raymer, provides a digital soil mapping service for farmers, offering high-definition soil mapping solutions that deliver greater depth and insight into soil structure and composition.

Waterpoint Lane

Waterpoint Lane, co-founded by Ben Gibbons, specifically targets growth-stage businesses that focus on promoting sustainable practices throughout the food supply chain. This impact investment firm is dedicated to cultivating and growing sustainable enterprises.


Cropinno provides AI-powered Ag Tech Solutions. While the founders have not been publicly named, the startup is at the forefront of agricultural technology, integrating AI with agricultural practices for improved results.

Wittaya Aqua

Wittaya Aqua, founded by Dominique P Bureau and Evan Hall, provides a farm management platform for aquaculture operations. The platform helps farmers track, visualize, and analyze production data, effectively streamlining aquaculture management.

Mary Agrotechnologies

Mary Agrotechnologies, co-founded by David Byer, Frank Qin, and Roger Jiang, has created a cultivation system that allows anyone to grow anything, anywhere, and at any time. Their smart home farming systems empower individuals to grow their own produce.


Spornado, co-founded by Kristine White and Michael Saleh, is an early alert system for crop disease. Its innovative design captures and measures airborne disease pathogens, providing farmers with real-time disease risk information.

Hoshi International

Hoshi International, co-founded by Michael H., is involved in the cultivation, distribution, and processing of cannabis products. They apply agricultural technology to the burgeoning field of legal cannabis, ensuring quality control and enhancing growth techniques.

InnScience Labs Inc.

InnScience Labs Inc., founded by Guru Pie, Leon Parsaud, and Stany Castillo, is a research and development (R&D) collaboration platform. This platform offers a range of scientific services, including agricultural consulting.

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