Which Ontario Beauty Startups are Reshaping Canada’s Cosmetics Industry in 2023?

The beauty industry is booming, and startups in Ontario, Canada are at the forefront of innovation and creativity. These startups are not only catering to the diverse beauty needs of people but are also creating a revolution in the industry by offering unique products and services that encompass various aspects of beauty, health and wellness. From skincare to beauty services, these startups are transforming the beauty landscape with their unique take on beauty management. Below listed are some of the most remarkable beauty startups from Ontario, a glimpse into the future of beauty.

Given the breadth of industries these startups cater to, there is a wide range of services offered. These startups are making impressive strides in their respective fields and presenting consumers with innovative products and services. Their presence is reshaping the beauty industry and challenging traditional beauty norms and trends. Combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of consumer needs, these startups are well poised to lead the evolution of the beauty industry.

The following are prominent beauty startups that have made a mark in Ontario and beyond with their innovative products and services. Get to know these companies, explore their offerings, and learn about the founders who brought these innovative ideas to life.

Three Ships

Founders Connie Lo and Laura Burget started Three Ships as a skincare and services company. They are industry leaders in Beauty and E-commerce. The company’s focus on natural, effective skincare products has quickly gained a loyal customer base.


Founded by Al-Ameen Ogundiran, Jeffrey Fasegha and Olugbenga Olubanjo, Fyyne is a social marketplace for beauty services. This startup excels in the Beauty, Consumer, Marketplace and Mobile Apps industry.


ZERV, a venture by founders Denny Tian and Rishi Ghuldu, is a digital marketplace for health, wellness, and beauty services. Their focus is on holistically incorporating health and wellness into the beauty industry.


BeBlended, a venture by Aileen Agada, is a SaaS enabled marketplace that connects Black women to hairstylists worldwide. Visit their here.


Klippers, an On-Demand haircuts anytime, anywhere service, founded by Neel Patel, is making waves in the Apps, Beauty, Home Services, and Mobile Apps industry.

SUKU Vitamins

SUKU Vitamins, founded by Ju Young Yoo, aims to help men and women worldwide look and feel their best. Their products can be found here.


Everist provides waterless concentrate pastes for hair and body. Their products can be found here.

SBLA Beauty

SBLA Beauty, a skincare product company, is known for its expertise in the Beauty, Cosmetics, and Retail industry. Visit their site here.

Tribe Beauty Box

Tribe Beauty Box offers customizable subscription beauty boxes. Their services can be found at this link.

Be Sprucy Inc.

Be Sprucy is a personal hygiene brand that strives to bring the sanitary discussion in current trend. Their products can be found here.


Primped, an online booking application for self-care individuals, can be found at this link.

Frutose Cosmetics

Founder, Ariane Manzotti leads Frutose Cosmetics, a brand dedicated to fruit derived cosmetics!


Beautydel offers a wide range of beauty services such as manicures, pedicures, facials, hair treatments, and makeup at any desired location. Their services can be found here.

Munday Body Care

Munday Body Care crafts body and skincare products to help the body and mind in traditional care. Their products can be found here.

Try Jupiter

Finally, Try Jupiter offers scheduling and CRM software for beauty professionals. Find their services at this link.

Innovation, technology, and creativity are fuelling the growth of these startups, leading to a beauty industry that is not only more diverse and inclusive, but also more attuned to the needs and desires of the consumer. Be it skincare, hair care, or wellness, the startups are redefining beauty norms and creating trendsetting products, tech solutions and service methods that are changing the way we see and experience beauty.

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