Which Canadian Aerospace Startups Are Pioneering New Heights in 2023?

Canada has emerged as a cradle of innovation, particularly in the realm of aerospace startups. From companies focusing on space mining to those crafting intelligent AI systems for satellites, these startups are revolutionizing the aerospace industry. With an amalgamation of innovative ideas and technological advancements, these entrepreneurial ventures are on a mission to step up the traditional conception of Aerospace, while also aiming to provide a sustainable future. Let’s delve into an overview of 15 Aerospace startups from Canada that are reaching for the stars.

From creating a fully autonomous farming revolution to buildings distinctive hyperspectral imagery of Earth from space, these fledging companies promise to bring something new to the proverbial ‘table’. Whether it’s their eco-friendly approach to the aerospace industry or their efforts to streamline services through intelligent applications, each of these startups has a unique story to tell. Factors binding them together include a potent blend of entrepreneurial spirit, relentless innovation, and steadfast perseverance.

Below, we will introduce you to these thought-leading companies, detail their industry focus, outline their missions, and introduce their founders. Filled with rich technological diversity and riveting narratives of entrepreneurial grit, this lineup promises to inspire and excite aerospace enthusiasts and industry experts alike.


Wyvern, founded by Callie Lissinna, Chris Robson, and Kristen Cote, aims to provide the highest resolution hyperspectral imagery of Earth from space. Existent in the Aerospace, Big Data, and Geospatial industry, Wyvern aims to revolutionize our perspective of the planet we live in.


At the forefront of the fully autonomous farming revolution is Precision.ai. Daniel McCann, is one of the founders who is driving the brand’s development in the Aerospace and Artificial Intelligence industry.


Fruits of collaborative efforts between Davide Panelli and Francesco Iorio, Augmenta is driving the construction industry to a new level of efficiency by automating building design for contractors and engineers.

Canadian Space Mining Corporation

Canadian Space Mining Corporation, spearheaded by Daniel Sax, is creating the infrastructure to support life in space. It operates in the Aerospace, GreenTech, Mining, Mining Technology, Natural Resources, and Space Travel industry.


Joining hands, Nicholas Houseman and Puja Mahajan founded Azzera. It enables aviation companies to start their climate journey and access carbon markets with its B2B SaaS platform.

Canada Jetlines

Canada Jetlines is a leisure airline that provides passengers with travel to destinations within the U.S., Caribbean, and Mexico.


Capitalizing on the rise of drone technology, DroneEntry functions as a workflow management platform for drone pilots and enterprises. This company is the brainchild of Hamid Habib and Uzayr Siddiqui.


CHIRP, founded by Charan Kumar Bommireddipalli and Tim Ray, is a private aviation platform that manages and grows private charter sales.

FLITE Material Sciences Corp.

At FLITE Material Sciences Corp., founders Dan Cohen, Ogan Gurel, and Rob Katz are surface-engineering ordinary materials to give them extraordinary abilities.


A private space company, STELLS is the brainchild of Alex Kapralov. This startup is on the mission of developing power technologies for space exploration.

4pi Lab

4pi Lab was founded by Stephen Achal and is developing revolutionary technology that allows accurate geo-location detection.


SpaceRyde, founded by Saharnaz Safari and Sohrab Haghighat, uses balloons to launch micro and nano satellites into space, offering a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional methods.


Under the leadership of Arad Gharagozli, Galaxia manufactures cloud and AI-based computing systems for satellites.


Crafted by Eoin Seviour and Marty Whelan, Nextcheck is a cloud-based maintenance tracking software for aircrafts.

Aeroflux Braking Systems

Aeroflux Braking Systems, under the guidance of Nikola Kostic, develops wear-free magnetic aircraft brakes for business, commuter, and commercial aircraft.

Each of these startups is a unique testament to the depth of innovation in Canada’s aerospace industry. They are redefining the frontiers of technology, reshaping our comprehension of the world above us, and opening new avenues for developing sustainable futures both on Earth and in space.

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