Which Quebec Web Development Startups Are Influencing Canada’s Tech Industry?

Quebec, Canada is a growing hotbed for impressive startups in the web development industry. From creative agencies to no-code platform builders, these new companies are paving the way for an innovative digital landscape. In this article, we’ll dive into 15 startups that are making a name for themselves in Quebec’s bustling tech scene, providing services ranging from AI infrastructure to e-commerce solutions.

These startups represent a broad spectrum of digital solutions aimed at various market segments. Some are focusing on providing quintessential services like digital marketing and web design, while others are creating cutting-edge technological solutions using AI and Virtual Reality. Regardless of their different focal points, these businesses share the commitment to leveraging the power of web development to create impactful solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the startups, their unique offerings, and the founders behind them.

B2B Quotes

B2B Quotes is a managed marketplace that assists businesses in finding service providers relevant to their needs. The startup lies in multiple industries including Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Marketplace, Professional Services, and Web Development. Alex Vanier and Mathieu Plante initiated this venture to revolutionize the way businesses seek and obtain services.


Gathe is altering the labor market, founded by Alexy Boyer and Simon Therrien. This startup is in the Consulting, Information Services, IT, Professional Services, Software, and Web Development industries, seeking to fill gaps in the current labor market by bringing innovation and technology to the forefront.


Emma42 is a creative agency driving startups’ growth and enterprises in new technologies and e-commerce. Founded by Jayson Samuel Hadjadj, the startup offers services like Advertising, App design, Consulting, E-Commerce, Marketing, Social Media engagement, Web Design, and Web Development.

Creative TRND

Creative TRND offers comprehensive services, including web development, market research, advertising, social media strategy, branding, and inbound marketing, establishing itself as a one-stop solution in the advertising, market research, social media, and web development sectors.


Sktch.io, founded by Yassine Bouanane, is a no-code platform that allows building dynamic and interactive websites or web-apps. It operates within the CMS, Mobile Apps, Software, Web Design, and Web Development industry.


Quasis designs advanced cloud and AI infrastructure and offers full-cycle web and mobile app development services. It’s a promising startup in the Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Infrastructure, Mobile Apps, and Web Development field, showcasing the future of tech in Québec.

Elevar Digital Agency

A strategic player in Advertising, Marketing, Professional Services, Web Design, and Web Development sectors, Elevar Digital Agency, is a digital marketing agency providing a range of internet-based services.


Pradvis — Professional Advisory — is a freelancing platform serving businesses of various sizes. Idrissa II Camara founded this startup, expanding in the Consulting, Crowdsourcing, Freelance, Professional Services, Web Design, and Web Development sectors.


Numigi Solutions is a web apps development company based in Longueuil and Quebec. Founders Bruno Joliveau, Julien Jézéquel-Bréard, and Quentin Lavallée-Bourdeau strive to bring integrated solutions to the table ranging from Consulting, Corporate Training, Document Management, IT, Internet, IT Management, Training, Web Design, to Web Development.

Algoseed Labs

Algoseed Labs develops intelligent websites and mobile apps for startups and large companies, making substantial strides in the IT, Mobile technologies, Software, Web Design, and Web Development industry.


GarageATLAS operates in the vibrant world of 3D technology, animation, augmented reality, virtual reality, and web development, offering expansive immersive experiences.


FlinchNot is a web development company focused on creating websites for e-commerce stores, expanding in the CMS, E-Commerce, Retail Technology, Software, Web Development, and Web Hosting sectors.


Easy1 provides a broad range of solutions, including web design, web development, graphic design, web hosting, SEO, and social media marketing, making a mark in the Graphic Design, IT, Mobile Apps, SEO, Web Design, and Web Development industry.


Skylow excels in rapid mobile and web application development. As a fervent player in the Apps, Computer, Internet, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Development business, it is indeed making Montreal proud.

Light Studio

Light Studio, founded by Paul Arienzale, is a Montreal-based web agency specializing in web design, digital marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The company offers comprehensive solutions in Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, SEO, Web Design, and Web Development.

In conclusion, these startups are redefining Quebec’s technological landscape with their wide array of solutions and innovative approaches. Capitalizing on web development, these businesses prove that Quebec is a powerhouse of digital innovation, primed to make an international impact.

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