Which Canadian Architecture Startups Are Revolutionizing the Industry in 2023?

Canada has always been known for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. This is no different when it comes to Architecture startups. They are creating a new seam in the blueprint of architectural design, infusing technology into the backbone of the industry. This has led to a surge in architectural innovation, converting physical designs into digital platforms for more accuracy, transparency, and efficiency. Here are some fascinating architectural technology startups that are not only changing the construction landscape in Canada, fascinating world over.


Augmenta is pioneering the drive towards higher efficiency in the construction industry with its innovative solutions. It provides automation for building designs which proves useful for contractors and engineers. The startup was founded by Davide Panelli and Francesco Iorio, and operates primarily in the Aerospace, Architecture, Life Science, and Software industries.

3dverse technologies inc

Founded by Houssem Achouri, Pierre-Adrien Forestier, and Sylvain Ordureau, 3dverse technologies inc is a platform that provides collaborative, device agnostic, cloud-based, and secure real-time 3D technology. It operates predominantly in the 3D Technology, Architecture, Augmented Reality, Construction, Drone Management, Gaming, Information Technology, Software, and Virtual Reality industries.


ExoTech, founded by Peter Warren, is a software and data architecture startup designed to improve personal functionality. The startup operates in the Architecture, Computer, Information Technology, and Software industries.


Construction companies benefit from using Trax, a software company founded by Azam Khan and Simon Breslav that enriches building codes for the industry.

Extergy AI

Extergy AI provides energy management and optimization services in the Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Building Maintenance, and Construction industries. The startup was founded by Seyed Amirhosain Sharif.


Founded by Frank Schuster, Appoxio is a provider of ServiceNow solutions to customers worldwide. It operates in the Apps, Architecture, Information Services, Information Technology, and Software industries.

Raymond Search Group

The Raymond Search Group solves the most difficult and complex recruiting challenges for clients worldwide in the Architecture, Construction, and Real Estate industries.

Garden Loft

Garden Loft is a prefabricated living unit that enables people with differing abilities, including aging parents, to live independently. This progressive construction solution operates in the Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Construction industries.

The Collective Workspace

The Collective Workspace caters to the need for coworking and social spaces, a rising trend in modern work culture. The startup focuses on events and product design apart from architecture.

Lightbound 3D

Lightbound 3D is a provider of building information services. It operates in a variety of industries including 3D Technology, Architecture, Construction, Insurance, Photography, Real Estate, and the Service Industry.


builtstream, founded by Stephen Bacso, is a startup offering AI/ML, PaaS, SaaS, and PropTech solutions. It targets the 3D Technology, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Management, Construction, Data Visualization, Facility Management, PaaS, and Software industries.


Emblm is a group of 90 office furniture professionals serving architects, designers, and business leaders primarily in the Architecture and Furniture industries.

De Simone Designs

De Simone Designs is a planning company providing interior design, graphic design, and drafting services. It primarily serves the Architecture, Graphic Design, and Interior Design industries.

Ardra Drafting

In the Architecture, Interior Design, and Real Estate industries, Ardra Drafting provides drafting services to architects, interior designers, and general contractors.


BaseDetail is a SaaS startup providing solutions in the Architecture, Construction, SaaS, and Software industry.

In conclusion, these startups are revolutionizing the field of architecture. Utilizing technology they are paving ways for new, smarter solutions to old problems, elevating the standard of the architectural industry to an all-new level.

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