Which Nova Scotia IT Startups are Revolutionizing Canada’s Tech Scene?

Nova Scotia, a Canadian province known for its pristine waters, magnificent landscapes, and rich history, is also home to a rising number of innovative Information Technology startups. This maritime province, with its burgeoning tech scene, is creating solutions that range from compliance software to virtual reality systems. These startups are disrupting traditional industries, demonstrating the bright future of IT on Canada’s east coast.

The IT startups mentioned are not just creating software and apps but are actually finding solutions for some of the major problems faced by society today. Whether it’s the need for secure compliance systems or a desire for healthier food options delivered right at your doorstep, these startups are shaping a new lifestyle for people. In a province best known for its seafood and hospitality, these startups are putting Nova Scotia on the global tech map.

In this article, we will delve into fifteen of these IT startups. The companies are diverse, spanning multiple sectors, demonstrating that IT innovation is not limited to one industry. Let’s explore these startups, their founders, and the innovative solutions they bring to market.


Founded by Darren Gallop and Laird Wilton, Carbide provides a SaaS solution for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to achieve and maintain compliance with various security and privacy standards (SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA ISO, and more). An IT startup focusing on compliance, cybersecurity, and software, Carbide is making data privacy and protection accessible and achievable for SMBs.

Easy Platter

Easy Platter is a unique startup that seamlessly merges the IT and food industry. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), this on-demand personal chef service delivers balanced, nutritious meals to customers. By making use of the latest IT advancements, Easy Platter is transforming the food services sector.


Galaxia, founded by Arad Gharagozli, is a space system company manufacturing cloud and AI-based systems for satellites. This innovative venture is making its mark in the aerospace, information technology, manufacturing, and software sectors.

Mabel Systems

Mabel Systems, founded by Gavin Andrews, is an IT startup that aims to streamline inventory management using computer vision technology. Visit their website to see how they’re freeing businesses from tedious data entry tasks.


Founded by James Walsh, myFlock has developed a solution to make the working lifestyle of today’s poultry farm easier and more efficient. Achieving efficiency in farming through IT solutions is a testament to the versatility of IT interventions in various industries.


The brainchild of founder Mohammadhosein Soufi, SmartMed is an innovative IT startup that is creating automated scheduling software for companies employing shift workers. This is a clear exemplification of how IT can streamline day-to-day operations in working environments.


Funded by the brilliant minds of founders Daniel Kelly and Gauthier Zuppinger, NonFungible.com provides tools and resources for understanding and exploring the potential within non-fungible digital asset ecosystems, including cryptocurrencies. This startup is bridging the knowledge gap in the fast-growing cryptocurrency market.


MeridianDLT, an initiative of Ethan Gilmore, IAN GILMOUR, and Matthew Pickup, is a green network leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology.

NZE (Net-Zero Edge)

Founded by Kyle Burton, NZE is an IT startup specializing in constructing and maintaining subsea data centers. Their commitment to clean technology and cloud infrastructure services makes them a key player in the global data services market.


atomo, developed by Matt Cooper, is a continuous discovery platform for product teams. This startup is making strides in helping companies streamline their product exploration and development journey.


FoodByte is another extraordinary startup that has successfully intertwined IT and food industry. This startup, founded by Matthew Winchester and Sean Pindar, automates food safety for small teams, offering an innovative solution to a persistent problem in the food processing industry.


TurnoverCRM is an IT firm offering solutions to simplify car dealership operations. Through their tailored software services, they aim to streamline the automotive retail industry.


ImmiList is an IT startup making Canadian immigration process easier. The company provides online consultancy services to people around the globe looking to immigrate to Canada, further proving that IT has a role to play in every sphere of life.

Datastruk Software Solutions

Datastruk Software Solutions is a digital agency that creates data-driven web applications and web design solutions. Meeting the increasing demand for quality and interactive web solutions, this startup has made a significant impact on IT industry.


Finally, MARS VR Lab creates gamified virtual reality experiences to help children with disabilities learn new skills in a safe environment. This startup focuses on virtual reality and information services industry, showcasing how technology can have a profound impact on education and learning.

These fifteen IT startups in Nova Scotia are a reflection of the province’s potential in the tech industry. Through their innovative solutions, they’re shaping various sectors, pushing boundaries and altering how we live and work today. As the IT sector in Nova Scotia grows, more compelling tech startups are sure to emerge.

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