Which Quebec Training Startups are Pivotally Shaping Canada’s 2023 Industry?

With the rapid growth in technology and digital transformation, the need for innovative training and learning platforms has never been greater. Quebec, with its vibrant startup culture, is home to several exciting startups that are making waves in their various industries. Ranging from data science to drones, artificial intelligence to sports training, these startups are using technology to provide new education and training solutions. This article will explore 15 of these pioneering companies and the unique services they provide.

Embracing innovation and technology, these startups are rewriting the rules and providing platforms that are creating new ways of acquiring skills and knowledge. From utilizing artificial intelligence in education and training, to using drones for mapping services or creating platforms for job seekers, these startups are contributing to creating a differently skilled society. In essence, they are shaping the future of work and education.

The diversity of these startups is remarkable. It points to the versatile nature of education and training, encompassing fields such as cybersecurity, sports, digital marketing, and even aerospace. Let’s delve into these remarkable Quebec-based startups and learn more about their contributions to training and education in today’s digital age.

Korbit Technologies

Korbit Technologies uses artificial intelligence to provide corporate data science and AI training. This startup uses innovative machine learning techniques and natural language processing software to offer data science training programs. Founded by Ansona Ching, Ekaterina Kochmar, and Iulian Serban, Korbit’s award-winning AI Tutors are shaking up the corporate training industry.

Volatus Aerospace

Providing technology-enabled unmanned aerial solutions, Volatus Aerospace is making a significant impact in the aerospace industry. Their services span various industries including mapping services and even training services.

Commission Scolaire Marie-Victorin

Commission Scolaire Marie-Victorin offers diversified educational services. They promise a unique approach to education and training, including professional integration, coaching, and mentoring programs.


Delivering sensor-based technology designed to analyze user experience for next-generation immersive applications, KAPTICS is leading the way in marketing, software, and training.

Elite NeuroKinetix

Elite NeuroKinetix offers a solution that integrates athletic performance and injury prevention into the practice and play of contact sports. They offer a unique blend of healthcare and sports training services to prevent sport-related injuries.


Circads is an online job portal that offers employment opportunities in accounting, healthcare, and other sectors. The startup, founded by Bartek Kostrz, also provides training in these fields.


Web apps development company Numigi provides Odoo ERP and Konvergo integrations and offers a unique blend of consulting, corporate training, IT management, and more, all thanks to founders Bruno Joliveau, Julien Jézéquel-Bréard, and Quentin Lavallée-Bourdeau.


Innovarok provides agile transformation, consulting and business transformation services, with a particular focus on training.

Leap Conseil

With a specific emphasis on AI, Leap Conseil offers consulting services covering strategic positioning, data analysis, custom training, and AI engineering.

Alpha Premium

Alpha Premium applies their expertise in revenue management and digital demand generation to shape the training industry, equipping businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age.


Specializing in cybersecurity, CyberQuebec delivers a range of training services, helping businesses safely navigate the digital world.

REEU – UQAM Student Entrepreneurial Group

REEU is a non-profit organization that introduces university students to entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and takeovers, providing a unique, practical approach to education.

The Clique

The Clique, founded by Lauréline Manassero, provides social media, internet marketing, and public relations services, offering training to businesses to navigate the digital marketing world.


Innovia provides IT consulting services focused on artificial intelligence and is dedicated to helping businesses innovatively manage their data through training and research development.

Academie de la Transformation Numerique

The Academie de la Transformation Numerique offers courses and training programs to help organizations adapt to digital transformation, making content that is simply remarkable.

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