Which Quebec Pharmaceutical Startups are Transforming Canada’s Healthcare Industry?

The province of Quebec has become a hotbed for innovative startups in the pharmaceutical industry. Ranging from artificial intelligence approaches to drug discovery to improving healthcare delivery for patients, these companies are shaking up the industry and creating novel solutions to pressing health problems. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 15 of these burgeoning startups and explore how they are pushing boundaries and making their mark.

As we embark on this journey, we will uncover how these ventures are tapping into advanced technologies, leveraging the power of data, and creating products and services that are expected to revolutionize healthcare. Whether it’s birthing unique chemicals or creating AI-powered services, these startups are poised to leave indelible prints on the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

This primer serves as an interesting showcase of these high-potential pharmaceutical startups in Quebec, Canada. So, let’s delve into the details.

Perceiv AI

Perceiv AI utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance precision medicine and forecast disease progression. Helmed by founders Christian Dansereau, César Laurent, and Maor Zaltzhendler, their focus lies in the application of advanced technologies to healthcare, medicine, and analytics.

Valence Discovery

Valence Discovery uses a unique AI-first approach to create novel chemistry against previously intractable biology. Daniel Cohen, Prudencio Tossou, and Therence Bois lead this innovative startup.


Aplantex is a pharmaceutical company known for its production of plant-based active compounds, finding applications in the pharma, cosmetics, and agri-food industries.


Medzy, spearheaded by founders Francis Valois and Sonia Boutin, create strong remote relationships between pharmacies and their customers through advanced IT and marketing solutions.

Jubilant Radiopharma

Jubilant Radiopharma has positioned itself as a leading player in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of radiopharmaceuticals.

Ditch Labs

Ditch Labs specialises in digital health and devices, utilising artificial intelligence to create innovative solutions within the pharmaceutical industry.


Airix uses technology and design to improve healthcare delivery for patients, a venture led by founder Sami Soltan.


Founder James Doyle leads Modelis, an AI-driven research center that develops medicines, therapies, and treatments for rare and genetic diseases.


Medfuture aims to boost customer longevity through prevention using advanced pharmaceutical and wellness solutions.


Specializing in AI-powered pharmaceutical portfolio management, Sorintellis also dives into biotechnology, venture capital, and risk management.

Opportune Therapeutics

Opportune Therapeutics operates in drug discovery, drug design, biosimulation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning services.


Under the leadership of Damon Smith, TALLC produces medicines for ophthalmology, surgical pains, inflammation, and nanotechnology.


Founder Jonathane Seguin runs CannaHive, an innovative manufacturing and licensing company in the cannabis and pharmaceutical industry.

Organon Canada

Organon Canada is a global healthcare company focusing on reproductive health, immunology, cardiovascular disease, dermatology, and allergies.

Kaster Technologies

Kaster Technologies led by Alexandre Clarizio, specializes in smart operations scheduling for CDMOs, integrating consulting, pharmaceutical solutions, and software development.

These innovative pharmaceutical startups put Quebec on the map as a major contributor to the future advancements in healthcare and pharmaceutical technology. Their trailblazing efforts not only benefit the Canadian market but also deliver unprecedented changes on a global scale.

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