Which Quebec Construction Startups Are Shaping Canada’s Future Infrastructure?

Quebec, Canada, is known for its rich history, but it is its future that is making headlines in the world of construction startups. From revolutionizing the home renovation process to creating comprehensive software solutions for construction companies, these startups are breaking new ground in the construction industry. Here, we introduce fifteen innovative construction startups from Quebec, each with its own unique contribution to the industry.

These startups are redefining the playing field in different areas including renovation, floor plan design, 3D technology and virtual reality, operational productivity, energy management and optimization, and engineering solutions. Many make use of state-of-art technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cloud-based software solutions.

Let’s meet the fifteen construction startups from Quebec that are reshaping the industry and discuss how they are contributing to the overall growth and innovations in this field.


Billdr is a marketplace for home renovations that makes the process simple, transparent, and efficient. Co-founded by Bertrand Nembot, François Jullien, and Hugo Piso, its goal is to revolutionize the way home renovation is done in the construction industry.


Maket is automating the creation of floor plans using generative AI. The startup, founded by Jessen Gibbs, Patrick Murphy, and Stéphane Turbide, operates in the intersections of construction, AI, and software industries.

3dverse technologies inc

3dverse technologies inc provides a platform for collaborative, cloud-based, secure real-time 3D. Founded by Houssem Achouri, Pierre-Adrien Forestier, and Sylvain Ordureau, it caters to multiple industries, including 3D Technology, Architecture, and Construction.


Civalgo is an operational productivity platform for specialty contractors. The startup, co-founded by Alexandre Champoux, Gabriel Croteau, and Samuel Croteau, offers a SaaS solution with a focus on construction and civil engineering.


Co-founded by Maxime Buteau, Marmax is involved with residential and commercial construction, renovation, and roofing.

Extergy AI

Founded by Seyed Amirhosain Sharif, Extergy AI are specialists in energy management and optimization services, combining architecture and construction with evolution in AI.

Devotek Construction

Devotek Construction offers construction management, project management, and consulting services, providing value across the construction, consulting, and Project Management spectrum.


NouvLR is an infrastructural engineering company that provides a wide range of electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering projects. They are also well versed in railroad infrastructure.

Upfield Solutions

Upfield Solutions offers cloud-based software solutions for construction companies. Their industry interests lie in Cloud Computing, Construction, Information Technology, and Software.


Buildee specializes in software, SaaS, construction, estimating, and takeoff services. They have a unique skill set that makes them invaluable to the construction industry.


Founded by Guy Stysis, Rokulo is a technology company focusing on mining and construction operations and automation technology.

Gestion Immobilière MSE inc

Gestion Immobilière MSE inc specializes in the design, execution, and repair of deep foundations. They are prominent in the Commercial, Construction, and Industrial sectors.

Collaboration Québec, coopérative de solidarité en ingénierie et construction

Collaboration Québec, Coopérative de Solidarité en Ingénierie et Construction provides professional services in maintenance and engineering. They offer their services to a variety of sectors including Building Maintenance, Building Material, Construction, Consulting, and Industrial Engineering.

CREO Solutions

Founded by Enzo Conte, CREO Solutions is a consultancy that provides data analysis, document, efficiency, information management, and technological solutions. Their services revolve around Analytics, Business Intelligence, Construction, Consulting, and Property Management.

FC Géosynthétiques inc

FC Géosynthétiques inc provide civil engineering solutions focusing on geosynthetic installation, servicing the Building Material, Civil Engineering, Commercial, and Construction industries.

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