Which Quebec-Based Computer Startups are Redefining Canada’s Tech Industry?

Welcome readers to CanadaVenture.news, the premier source for news and analysis about innovative Canadian startups. In our latest feature, we turn our attention to the province of Quebec with its burgeoning tech industry. Today’s feature highlights fifteen notable computer startups in this province that are making waves in varied sectors, from artificial intelligence to digital transformation. These firms are proving that Quebec is a major player in the global tech scene with their innovative technologies, business models, and dedication to pushing the boundaries.

The province’s startup ecosystem is a unique mix of creativity, resourcefulness, and technical expertise, leaving a remarkable imprint on the technology landscape. Read on to discover the startups that are not only shaping Quebec’s technology scene but also making a significant global impact.

As we delve into each startup, we will look at their core products or services, their impact, and focus areas. Each entry provides a brief introduction to the company, industry, bio and their founders. Let’s begin:


Botpress is revolutionizing the way machines understand humans. Founded by Sylvain Perron, this company operates in the artificial intelligence, computer, natural language processing, software, and virtual assistant industry, creating innovative solutions to enhance human-machine communication.

AIR (AI Redefined)

AIR is a software startup committed to advancing AI and human synergy. Founded by Alfredo Chaves, Dorian Kieken, and Fabrice Condominas, the company fosters a smarter, brighter future with its cutting-edge technology.


AAVAA specializes in creating a bionic ear that acts as a hearing impairment correction device and aids in reducing noise. Founded by Naeem Komeilipoor, AAVAA operates in the industry of audio, consumer electronics, hardware, healthcare, human-computer interaction, and neuroscience.

Nord Quantique

Nord Quantique is a startup that develops quantum processors using second-generation technology, positioning itself at the forefront of the computer and hardware industry.


Faimdata, under the leadership of Ari Himmel, Bin Zhu, and Michael Whitehouse, is a leading computer vision AI platform for retail, food service, hospitality, and finance industries, offering analytical insights through its sophisticated platform.


Mely.ai founded by Edward Ko and Hoang Ngo, aims at automating document extraction and data entry with artificial intelligence, advancing supply chain digitalization in the process.


HAXIO, spearheaded by Alexandre Gervais, empowers manufacturing companies with easy-to-deploy AI-based vision software that aids in industrial automation and internet of things.


Tooly, co-founded by Mathieu Gratton Leclaire and Olivier Brassard, is a software company specialising in digital transformation, helping businesses transition into digital age effortlessly.


ProximityHCI directed by Alexandre Désilets-Benoit and Benoit Martel, offers a software-only toolkit to enable HCI via machine-learning, bringing an interaction revolution driven by AI.


AppyHere connects job seekers and companies automatically and in real time according to the skills and aptitudes of workers, changing the landscape of recruitment.

Stockholm Syndrome.AI

Stockholm Syndrome.AI stands out as a game design firm specialising in artificial intelligence, combining gaming and AI in an innovative way.

Cloud Chamber

Cloud Chamber is a gaming studio that offers exhilarating video games and entertainment creation services, marking its territory in the computer, developer platform, media and entertainment and video games industry.


Letmetalk helps businesses automate their processes & generate more revenue using conversational marketing. The company was founded by Charles Hackman and operates in advertising, artificial intelligence, CRM, human-computer interaction, messaging, and software.


Skylow offers rapid mobile & web application development at its best. This Montreal-based startup is fuelled by passion, serving mobile, software, web development industry best.

Transledger Inc

Transledger, led by Jean-Luc Marcoux, is a tech company that leverages ledger technologies including blockchain to streamline international fund transfers, promising a new era in fintech.

These startups fuel the dynamic and vibrant tech scene of Quebec. In each of their respective domains, these companies are introducing innovative solutions and redefining the future of tech. Stay tuned with us for more stories about Canadian start-ups that are making a difference.

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