Which Quebec Professional Services Startups Dominate Canadian Market in 2023?

Home to a thriving startup ecosystem, Quebec, Canada is making waves globally with innovative startups particularly in the Professional Services industry. The region has recently given rise to a number of startups offering creative solutions in several fields including Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, Environment Consulting, Biotech, and more. In this article, we will dive into 15 of these promising startups providing unmatched professional services in their respective domains.

These startups are not only innovating in their areas of expertise but also contributing significantly to Quebec’s economy. Whether it’s mining technology or digital marketing, these dynamic startups are disrupting traditional sectors with their robust solutions. Explore the fascinating platforms these startups offer and learn how they are making the journey easier for businesses and professionals alike.

Let’s begin the journey by delving into what these 15 extraordinary Quebec-based Professional Services startups have to offer, starting with B2B Quotes, an interesting platform for businesses to find relevant service providers.

B2B Quotes

B2B Quotes is an online managed marketplace dedicated to helping businesses find the most relevant service providers for all their needs. From digital marketing to web development, this platform offers a diversity of services. It is the brainchild of Alexandre Vanier and Mathieu Plante.

AceBy, Inc.

AceBy, Inc., forged by Derrick Agyiri, is a mobile app that connects customers with local professionals for freelance work-related needs. This platform caters to Android, iOS devices and reinvents the dynamics of professional services landscape.


Gathe, co-founded by Alexy Boyer and Simon Therrien, is on a mission to redefine the labor market through its consulting, IT and software solutions. Gathe offers its services largely in the web development segment.


Diffuse delivers turnkey content production and distribution services, extending its reach to segments like Audio and Film Distribution.

Montreal Analytics

Montreal Analytics is a firm that offers data consulting services, helping businesses streamline their reporting functions. The firm specializes in analytics, consulting, and professional services.


Sonomad is an insurance service provider firm, operating in the insurance and professional services sectors.


Dermadry is a Canadian company that offers a solution for hyperhidrosis, a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating. The company operates within the healthcare, medical device, and professional services realms.

ESG Natural Resources

ESG Natural Resources specializes in carbon removal projects. Co-founders David Fennell and Olivier Dufresne have developed high-quality, permanent and verifiable carbon removal offsets.

BioSignal2 Inc.

BioSignal2 Inc., co-founded by Roger Bosse, provides life sciences solutions, and operates within the biotechnology and professional services fields.

Elevar Digital Agency

Elevar Digital Agency is a digital marketing agency offering advertising, marketing, and web development services.


Pradvis, founded by Idrissa II Camara, is a freelancing platform for businesses of all sizes, providing consulting and web development services.


Sekoia is an advertising agency that offers services in analytics, social media and performance marketing, among others.


Circads, founded by Bartek Kostrz, is an online job portal offering employment opportunities in diverse sectors such as accounting, healthcare, and hotel management.


Sparkwise is an IT consulting firm that offers cloud solutions implementation, integration, and automation of IT systems and CRM support.


noodesk offers business process outsourcing (BPO) services, providing outsourcing solutions in the professional services and service industry.

In conclusion, this showcase of Quebec-based startups illustrates how the province is fostering an ecosystem of innovative professional services. These 15 startups are not just expanding the boundaries of their respective industries but are also significantly contributing to Quebec’s vibrant startup scene and the larger Canadian economy.

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