Who Are British Columbia’s Most Influential Video Games Startups Today?

Canadian startup industry is experiencing a vibrant burst of innovative video game startups, particularly in British Columbia (BC), famed for its rich technology ecosystem. The province’s rich talent pool and supporting industry infrastructure have made it a hotbed for gaming startups. These are not just your average gaming startups; they blend creativity, advanced technology, and an in-depth understanding of gamer psychology to carve out unique gaming experiences. They span across various categories from blockchain-based games to mobile and social network games. Here’s a rundown of 15 exciting video games startups that are putting BC on the gaming industry charts.


Web3Games is championing an evolution in the gaming industry through its community-driven ecosystem, leveraging blockchain technology. The company combines gaming and blockchain, allowing players to explore, create and enjoy all aspects of blockchain games on a distinctive gaming platform. This incubator of blockchain games is the brainchild of KK Chen and Pak Hin.

X1 Esports and Entertainment

X1 Esports and Entertainment is a gaming and media company specializing in the video game and content creator industries. It was founded by Adam Giddens and Mark Elfenbein. The startup has managed to create a diverse portfolio of offerings that extend from gaming to information technology and entertainment.

Sherwa Online Services

Sherwa Online Services goes beyond the games themselves to build a community of players. Andre P. Gross, Luiz Persechini, and Pedro Vasconcellos designed an innovative platform where players can get help with their games and even meet new friends to play with.

LEAF Mobile

LEAF Mobile, founded by Darcy Taylor, offers free-to-play mobile games designed to foster enduring player loyalty. The games boast engaging narratives and immersive gameplay.

Extremely OK Games

Extremely OK Games, aside from having an unique name, boasts digital amusements that keeps game lovers engaged. This game studio from Vancouver pushes the boundaries of creativity in its game offerings.


Zimoxy, founded by Alexander Lazarik, Maksim Bogomol, and Nikita Kononenko, is fast making a name for itself in the game server business. Their services foster a sense of community and promote content sharing among gamers.

SingularityX Studios

SingularityX Studios, founded by Liam Lytton, is dedicated to creating incredibly immersive video games, taking player involvement to a whole new level.

Epic Story Interactive

At Epic Story Interactive, Chad Greenway, Dennis Leong, and Ken Faier work tirelessly to produce entertaining and captivating games. The independent game studio is recognized for its bold and innovative approach to games design and development.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc pivots on social networking, skill-based gaming, and technologies that supports immersive mobile gaming experiences. Known for its Software as a Service (SaaS) model, this company enriches the video gaming terrain with its unique solutions.

Tiny Colony

Tiny Colony brings blockchain technology to the gaming arena, offering its users an engaging web3 experience. The platform stands out due to its application of cutting-edge blockchain technology in the gaming space.

Gasket Games

Gasket Games founded by Jeff Lydell and Matthew Kuzminski, pioneers online gaming using cutting-edge match-making. The studio demonstrates innovative use of software in enriching player interaction.

Ludare Games Group

Ludare Games Group stands out due to its operation of a network of ventures within the gaming ecosystem. Their strategic combination of business intelligence and gaming knowledge propels them to offer a cutting edge experience to their consumers.

Cyberspline Games

Cyberspline Games is made up of passionate game developers and artists providing unique gaming experiences. They are known for their impressive visual artistry in game design and development.

Night Garden Studio

Night Garden Studio takes mobile gaming to a new level. They deliver 2D games and game designing services that captivate players.

Sun Machine Entertainment

Sun Machine Entertainment specializes in the development of original video games, offering fresh concepts and narratives that keep gamers intrigued.

From blockchain tech to social networks, these British Columbia startups are reshaping the gaming industry with their innovative contributions. As they continue to pioneer in this space, they’re not just putting the province on the map but serving as a testament to Canada’s tech prowess.

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