Which are Influential Personal Health Startups in British Columbia 2023?

Set amid striking landscapes and dynamic urban spaces, British Columbia (BC) is recognized as a global destination for technology and health care innovation. Offering an endearing blend of sophistication, agility, and skilled workforce, the province lays a fertile ground for imaginative ideas to germinate into trailblazing startups. Its health sector, especially the Personal Health segment, has seen an impressive surge in successful startups, each proposing a unique answer to the community’s health and well-being concerns. This feature explores fifteen significant Personal Health Startups from BC, shedding light on their vision, innovative solutions, and potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry.


Co-founded by Nik Vassev, Mindleap is the world’s premier platform that harmonizes Inner Wellness, Virtual Health, and Psychedelic Treatments. This innovative health care and personal health start-up make the most of digital connectivity for focussed mental health support.

Quantified Citizen

Quantified Citizen, a mobile health research platform crafted by Eesmyal Santos-Brault and Kalin Harvey, operates in multiple sectors, from Bioinformatics to Wellness. It illuminates the field of Personal Health by bringing citizen science to the public’s fingertips.


By merging high-tech elements like Electronic Health Record (EHR) with Home Health Care services, WAVO is fast emerging as a game-changer in patient healthcare. This start-up focuses on making treatment affordable, fostering a revolutionary approach to personal health care.

Strath Health

Established by Ken Lokken and Nicole Price-Morin, Strath Health is a consumer-driven digital innovation providing mobile software and data management for the healthcare industry. This start-up productively spans across varying demands, from Child Care to Pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Pinaka Labs

Pinaka Labs, founded by Arunabh Ghosh, Nagendra Devoll, and Richa Vashisht, is a cutting-edge tech-driven start-up that enhances Personal Health and Fitness through Smart Wearables and Apparels.


Co-created by Jayson Hurstinen and Tilyna Pawer, SFU LYFE is a unique development platform that offers resources for personal and professional progression. Its balanced, fun approach encourages individual growth, connectivity, and personal health maintenance.

Snap Brands

Snap Brands is lightning the way in telehealth and personal health with its Voice Technology, Direct-to-Customer connectivity, and Health & Wellness programs. The start-up thrives in software and data integration platforms, providing an intense integration of personal health and bridging the physical and digital spheres.


Founded by Candace Chisholm, he. is a dedicated mobile app catering to every man’s mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. A pioneering men’s wellness platform, it subtly combines healthcare apps and personal health to make men’s wellness an understandable and engaging journey.

AI Talos

AI Talos, the brainchild of Manny Movahedi and Matthew Henley, is set to humanize AI to bridge the gap between patient and health. Through the integration of AI with Personal Health, this start-up highlights the tech-friendly side of healthcare.


Foodmylife, founded by Brian Luk, Jitin Tuli, and Tushar Vaid, optimizes food nutrition for holistic wellbeing of body and mind. By providing personalized wellness plans, this start-up is redefining the link between food, health, and personal care.


Joni equates 21st-century period care with accessible and inclusive options. An omnichannel period care brand, it encapsulates an efficient e-commerce venture and novel solutions for personal health in the women’s sector.


Conscious, founded by Boris Kerjner and Mike Yap, proposes a cross-platform tech solution designed to alleviate stress, enhance mental performance, and elevate human consciousness. By intertwining healthcare and personal health, this start-up creates a unique environment for individual wellness.

The Holistic Panda

The Holistic Panda, brought to life by Diana Choi, Janet Lam, and Sangsoo Ra, is an Asian-conscious wellness platform that assists holistic mental wellness services and culturally competent providers. The platform speaks volumes about health care that’s tailor-made for an individual’s cultural roots.


Benepeak is an innovative consulting firm that delivers health benefits for employees via specialized apps based on personal interests. This setup of health insurance and personal health draws a unique line connecting employee happiness with corporate accountability.


RxToMe, founded by Karina Hayat and Zeeshan Hayat, creates a streamlined pharmacy ecosystem through prescription delivery. Merging mHealth with Personal Health, this start-up is set on making prescription management a hassle-free experience.

Indeed, these start-ups have proved that BC is a hotspot for ground-breaking Personal Health solutions. Their distinctive inroads into HealthTech and mindfulness are steering the Canadian health industry on an exciting new adventure, promising a healthier and happier British Columbia.

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