Who Are British Columbia’s Most Influential Fashion Startups in 2023?

The fashion industry in British Columbia is flourishing with an influx of startups offering innovative styles, introducing remarkable products and technologies, and driving sustainable solutions. In this article, we have curated a list of such impressive startups that are based in British Columbia and are transforming the fashion scene with their visionary approaches.

From high-end luxury brands to eco-conscious clothing lines; from addressing the needs of specific sports to pushing the boundaries by integrating technologies like artificial intelligence, these startups are challenging industry norms and offering a fresh perspective on fashion. Let’s dive into the exciting world of these startups.

Make sure to take a look at what these startups are offering and check out their websites for more information about their amazing products and services.


Burb is a unique fusion of fashion and the cannabis industry. Founded by Clayton Chessa, John Kaye, and Steve Dowsley, Burb is a private retailer of recreational cannabis and stylish apparel brands that perfectly encapsulates the free-spirited lifestyle of BC.

ari Technologies

Founded by Sheenah Rogers-Pfeiffer, ari Technologies is an intelligent platform designed to grow your e-commerce business by harnessing the power of brand enthusiasts. Operating in industries such as analytics, fashion, and retail technology, ari Technologies is transforming how brands connect with their audience.

Leze the Label

Entrenched in the domains of e-commerce, fashion, and sustainability, Leze the Label offers sustainable workwear made from recycled materials. The brainchild of Karen Lee and Tanya Lee, Leze the Label is bringing about a change in the fashion industry by promoting environmental consciousness through their products.


&OR, founded by Luka Zaharijevic, is a fashion brand that focuses on adaptive wear. Reflecting the diverse lifestyles, needs, and moments of their customers, &OR’s clothing line is all about embracing change and flexibility.

Vessi Footwear

Andy Wang and Tony Yu have successfully built Vessi Footwear, a water-hating, moisture-riding, and incredibly light footwear line. Vessi has perfectly blended fashion, manufacturing, shoes and sustainability industries under its umbrella, making it a notable performer.


Shaping the future of fashion with technology, XARIIA offers AI-generated bespoke prints for both physical and digital fashion. Being a pioneer in the intersection of 3D Technology, AI, fashion, and software, XARIIA is undoubtedly transforming the landscape of fashion in BC.


luxxee is a leading luxury search engine and aggregator for luxury watches. Founded by JP Holecka, luxxee sits at the intersection of e-commerce, fashion, internet, and retail, providing an opulent shopping experience for its users.

Bombshell Boxing

Bombshell Boxing, founded by Christina Morrow, produces ethically sourced Canadian-made active wear for women in mixed martial arts. Bombshell Boxing is committed to producing environmentally conscious, high-quality sporting attire and is making strides in the women’s fashion and sporting goods industries


Recloseted is a consulting agency founded by Selina Ho, aiming to assist small business owners in launching sustainable fashion brands. With a focus on three prominent sectors: brand marketing, consulting, and sustainability, Recloseted is on a mission to make fashion greener.

Sister Sister

Sister Sister is a brand for socially conscious women who are sensitive towards trends and prices. The brand offers sustainable, trend-driven fashion for women aged 21-35 years, thereby contributing towards a greener future.

Cazador Cycle

Driven by the aim to cater to female cyclists, Cazador Cycle, founded by Maggie Hunter and Nathalie Hunter, manufactures and retails female-centric cycling sportswear. Their e-commerce platform and apparel sales are making strides in the cycling, fashion, and sports industries.


Cavolle brings the fashion of New York and Paris streets into the Canadian marketplace. Specialized in web design and lifestyle along with fashion, Cavolle has managed to establish a unique standing in the market.


Projext is a manufacturer and designer of comfort footwear products. Using both natural materials and the latest technology, Projext stands by its principles for sustainability in the domains of fashion, retail, and supply chain management.


GM CO. PVT., led by Mohammad Naseem, is seeking international relations for profitable business and proposes career opportunities to the young generation. This startup operates in B2B, consulting, marketing, and project management sectors along with fashion.

Clarity Capps

Ross Stretch’s Clarity Capps is a fashion brand that clearly stands out from the crowd. It is dedicated to creating clothing for recovery & addictions and has thus filled a unique and crucial role in the fashion industry.

The dynamic and diverse startups in the British Columbia fashion scene demonstrate that the province is a hotspot for innovation, creativity, and business growth. Each of these startups brings a unique blend of inspired entrepreneurship, innovative products and services, and commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices. We look forward to seeing these startups continue to shape and challenge the fashion industry in the years to come.

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