Which Canadian Database Startups are Influencing the Tech Industry in 2023?

In recent years, Canadian startups have unleashed the potential of big data, engineering groundbreaking solutions across diverse industries like finance, education, healthcare, and more. They’ve played an instrumental role in driving innovation within Canada, leveraging the power of data to shape business strategies and decision-making processes. A handful of young firms stand out for their ingenuity and unique vision in database technologies and management. Here we present the coolest Canadian database startups making substantial marks in their respective sectors.

They’ve envisioned and brought to life ingenious solutions focused on enhancing data management, efficiency, and security, thus adding immense value to their clients’ businesses. Adopting various technologies such as blockchain, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and quantum computing, these startups demonstrate scalable, powerful capabilities that are disrupting traditional norms and setting new trends.

The following section explores each startup in detail, shedding light on its offerings, the industry it primarily caters to and the masterminds behind these remarkable ventures. The fascinating journeys of these Canadian startups will surely inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts alike.


Basedash is a startup focusing on enhancing productivity within the database, developer tools, information technology, and software realm. Co-founded by Max Musing, Basedash offers the fastest way to create an admin panel for businesses, thus improving their operational efficiency.


At the intersection of blockchain, cryptocurrency, cyber security, database, privacy, and software industries is Source. Source, founded by Addo Smajic, Alex Gogan, and David Turner, offers an interoperable data management layer of Web3, assisting businesses in integrating seamless data management solutions.


Deskree, founded by Dmytro Grechko, is providing invaluable aid to developers by offering a no-code back-end solution for any app in under 10 minutes. The platform ventures into the database, developer APIs, developer tools, information services, information technology, and software sector.


Offering a novel solution to build custom apps, Formaloo, led by Amir Hashemi, Farokh Shahabi, and Hasan Noori, has positioned itself in the B2B, collaboration, consumer research, database, developer tools, EdTech, and mobile apps industry. Formaloo allows businesses to create apps as easy as playing with legos, without requiring any code.


Addressing the overlooked issue of read-scalability is Covalent. Founded by Ganesh Swami and Levi Aul, Covalent is active within blockchain, cryptocurrency, data integration, data visualization, database, developer APIs, Ethereum, FinTech, information technology, and software sectors, and has developed a unique solution to address the crucial aspect of scalability in data management.


With a keen focus on the future of tech intelligence, Resonance is building a tech intelligence engine. Concentrating efforts on sectors like database, market research, media & entertainment, news, quantum computing, and space travel, Resonance is paving the way for the next generation of technological innovation.


Unlocking the power of sensitive big data and data sharing is Kalepso. Founders Georgios Depastas, Georgios Kellaris have applied their patent-pending privacy approach to transform the big data, cyber security, database, information services, information technology, and privacy sectors.

Atlys Networks

Atlys Networks, founded by Amir Noorafkan, is a mobile application platform well-positioned in the business intelligence, data storage, database, information services, mobile, mobile apps, service industry.

Infostrux Solutions

Providing data cloud solutions, data analytics, and data product for business intelligence is Infostrux Solutions. Led by Goran Kimovski, Infostrux Solutions operates within the analytics, business intelligence, data center, database, and information technology sectors.


IntVentures, founded by Genie Guo, assists strategic buyers, private equities, and investors in sourcing top-notch Internet business buying opportunities. It intersects with sectors like database, financial services, internet, and software.


Sofvie is a business intelligence and technology firm offering risk management, data to compliance management services. It’s reshaping how businesses approach compliance, database, risk management, and software sectors.

Pharos Platforms

Pharos Platforms, a joint venture by Bardia Monavari, Bhareth Kachroo, and Peter Fettes, automates data science and ML workflows for geospatial data through a single API. The industries it primarily serves are analytics, big data, cloud data services, data integration, database, developer APIs, geospatial, and software.


Making database management easier is TablePlus. The startup, led by Huy Pham and Thanh Tung Nguyen, serves the database and software sector, simplifying database operations for businesses of all sizes.


ESGTree is an online reporting platform that collects, analyzes, and reports ESG data for investors & corporations. It plays a vital role in the analytics, database, information technology, and professional services industry.

OneComply Inc

Addressing data security and encryption services, authentication, external security audits and data backup & replication is OneComply Inc. Founded by Cameron B. Conn, the startup operates within the database, security, and software sectors.

These pioneering firms are not only redefining the realm of database technologies but also setting significant milestones in their respective sectors. They represent the future of Canada’s tech landscape and are steadily cementing their place in the global startup ecosystem.

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