Who Are Canada’s Most Influential Content Creator Startups in 2023?

Canada’s start-up scene is booming, breeding a new generation of firms with technological disruption at their heart. By combining skills in targeted niches, such as fintech, advertising, media and more, these start-ups are redefining the way in which the world interacts with content creation. From influencer marketing to online learning platforms, their impact is being felt both domestically and internationally. The following introduces and explores 15 of the most interesting content creator start-ups originating from Canada.


Disco, founded by Candice Faktor and Chris Sukornyk, is a powerful platform designed for learning communities. Bridging the education sector with information technology, it combines diverse industries to bring a comprehensive learning aid into one accessible platform.


Founded by Vinod Varma, Creator.co is geared towards influencers and SMEs. It has built its own ecosystem to aid collaborations, servicing areas of content creation, digital marketing and B2B marketing.


Mash, with Jared Nusinoff at the helm, is an online platform that allows users to monetize digital experiences and content in new and innovative ways. It operates across various sectors including entertainment, payments and software.


Fostrum is an all-in-one financial management tool for creators and solopreneurs. Co-founded by Ali Serag, Kelso Curtis, and Salman Alam, it’s backed by Techstars and integrates sectors of banking, fintech and payments.


TapeReal.com, founded by Ali Shah, is a multifaceted entity that operates as a social network, mobile app and creator economy. It traverses industries including software, video on demand and social media.


Co-founded by Bar Kirshon, Jeremy Aube, and Rony Rom, Communyco is tailored to meet the core needs of creators. Serving as a community for content creators, it provides a unified platform to collaborate and share ideas.


Collabstr is a marketplace to bridge the gap between brands and creators. Founded by Clayton Rannard and Kyle Dulay, it caters to sectors such as social media, advertising, and marketing.

Node App

Co-founded by Armin Faraji, Mackenzie Derival, and Preet Rawal, Node App is a private platform that enables brands to promote their products through micro-influencers. Surrounding industries encompass advertising, e-commerce and mobile apps among others.


Established by Paul Xue, Samantha E. Cutler, and Trevor Mengel, Cloutdesk forms the infrastructure layer for creator marketing. It caters to industries such as social media marketing and advertising.


50mMidas, launched by Justin Jin, is a cross-platform digital media company. Catering to the content creation and social media advertising industries, it provides video content on various platforms.

Overstory Media Group

Co-founded by Andrew Wilkinson and Farhan Mohamed, Overstory Media Group is a platform for building community publications. It services the digital media and email marketing industries.


Alex de Bold is the key brain behind Answerable, a start-up that innovatively gigifies sales. Integrating AI and CRM technologies, it provides unique marketing solutions for brands to effectively engage customers.

The Urban Writers

The Urban Writers is a unique startup offering content creating services. Specializing in content creation for e-commerce and eBooks, it provides writers for a range of projects and needs.


Founded by Conner Romanov and Zachary Bys, Vodra offers an advertising infrastructure for live broadcasts. Serving industries such as social media and video streaming, it opens up a new horizon for advertising efforts in the digital age.

Microdose Psychedelic Insights

Microdose Psychedelic Insights is a content-focused firm navigating the business of psychedelics. Beyond advertising, it provides unique content, analysis and events that help drive business development in this niche industry.

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