Which Canadian Digital Entertainment Startups are Shaping the Industry’s Future?

In the Canadian startup scene, the evolution of innovative startups in the Digital Entertainment realm is an exciting drive towards reshaping the future. From leveraging artificial intelligence to advance entertainment technologies, to providing platforms that monetize digital experiences, the range of services being offered is becoming increasingly impressive. Let’s delve into some of the astounding Canadian startups from the Digital Entertainment industry making waves recently.

Snack App

Snack App is a video-first dating application that is available in iOS and pays special attention to the Gen-Z demographic. Co-founded by Kim Kaplan, Snack App resonates with the social media-style interface that this generation has become adept with. The platform allows people online to connect while keeping entertainment at the heart of its functionality.

Lia 27

The brainchild of founder Jean-Francois Comeau, Lia 27 is an artificial intelligence company that is pushing the boundaries of AI and 3D realism. The incredible Lia, a virtual individual, is evidence of their impressive strides in the application of artificial intelligence and 3D realism in digital entertainment.


Founded by Jared Nusinoff, Mash is pioneering new ways for digital creators to monetize their content. This online platform bridges the gap between content creation and monetization, allowing creators to harness their creativity fully.

Dark Slope Studios

Dark Slope Studios, led by Raja Khanna, specialize in the development of immersive VR/AR experiences. The studio leverages cutting-edge technology to navigate the realms of Animation, Augmented Reality, Digital Entertainment, Gaming, and Virtual Reality.


Co-founded by Akshat Jagga, Angad Arneja, and Ben Zion Benkhin, WOMBO is an AI-powered lip sync app. This amusing, innovative application uses deepfake technology to animate images in a lip-syncing performance to a selection of songs, providing entertainment on a whole new level.

8x Labs

8x Labs has introduced a multi-access edge computing software designed to cut traffic bandwidth for live streaming. Their solutions are redefining the entertainment industry while making digital experiences smoother for the audience.


Founded by Alex Rossol, Nathaniel Rossol, and Tom Viinikka, vrCAVE provides unparalleled virtual reality entertainment experiences. The startup is designed to immerse users in shared entertainment experiences like no other.

XP Corp

With XP Corp, co-founder Justin Wong has set up a platform for esports enthusiasts worldwide. The subscription-based daily fantasy esports platform allows fans to test their esports knowledge without gambling.


Snibble, founded by Andrew Shortt, is a social video application where users can watch, share, and discuss content in real-time. This platform brings together the best elements of social media and video streaming to provide a unique, engaging platform.


Through Codo, digital entertainment is made child-friendly and delightful. The platform offers online camps, clubs, classes, parties, and games, making it a truly entertaining and educational platform for kids.


Founded by Sonu Sinha, AudioMojo is an asset management company focusing on music. It provides music publishing, distribution, marketing, and promotion, serving as a valuable tool for independent artists.

RocketFire Labs

RocketFire Labs, spearheaded by Geff Croteau, is making mark in the mobile gaming community. Through their social platform, Fox Hole, they connect gamers and enhance their match-making and communication while playing esports.

My People Know

Specializing in content advertising and digital entertainment, My People Know works with creators that run the internet. Their focus is on creating strategies and tools to help creators and businesses reach their target audiences more effectively.


Co-founded by Harrison Lee, Riff is a freedom-giver to musicians. It provides plans and connects them with the industry access they need to promote their craft.</>


LISN is a mobile application that lets users and creators clip podcasts into shorter segments. It seeks to make podcasts more discoverable and consumable in a market full of long-duration content.

To conclude, it’s evident that these Canadian startups are laying down the foundation for the future of the Digital Entertainment industry. Keep an eye on these innovative players as they continue to disrupt, evolve and reshape the Digital Entertainment landscape in Canada and beyond.

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