Which Canadian Employment Startups Are Transforming the Job Market in 2023?

Canada has always been a hotbed for innovation, especially in the startup scene. In recent years, the country has produced a number of impressive startups that are reshaping major industries from health care to real estate to food processing. One industry experiencing significant transformation due to the work of innovative startups is the employment industry. Here, we take a close look at 15 employment startups that are at the forefront of this change, offering novel services and solutions that are revolutionising the Canadian job market.

The pandemic-induced shift towards remote work and digital adoption has catalysed changes in the employment industry. From online recruitment platforms to AI-powered job matching systems, Canadian startup firms are demonstrating high levels of innovation and agility. These startups are not just improving hiring and job searching processes, they are also playing a critical role in promoting diversity, inclusion, and economic prosperity in the society.

What follows is an exploration of 15 remarkable startups providing various solutions within Canada’s employment industry. All details, including website links, descriptions and industries were accurate at the time of publication.


Jombone is an employment startup that combines experienced industry experts with an advanced platform to revolutionize industrial staffing. The company operates within various sectors including Employment, Human Resources, and Recruiting. It’s undoubtedly paving the way for a new era of industrial staffing.


CandidateHub, founded by Bradley DiPaolo, bridges the gap between data Integration, Employment, Marketing Automation, Predictive Analytics, Professional Services, Recruiting and Software industries. Their recruitment marketing automation platform is transforming the way companies attract and engage with potential hires.


Specializing in the recruitment and matching of locums with clinics, Locumunity is founded by Haneen Abu Remaileh, Leila Abdolall, and Mubashshir Zakir. The startup operates within the Employment, Health Care and Recruiting industries.


Founded by Dominique Beaupre, Aliud is a SaaS service connecting independent sellers and buyers for personal commerce through social-ecommerce services. The company operates within the Advertising Platforms, Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, Employment, Freelance, SaaS and Software industries.


JobAdx is a noteworthy startup co-founded by Amit Chauhan, Kaushik Vinay T G and Shiv Bharthur. It’s an ad tool for job boards and publishers that merges Advertising, Advertising Platforms, Employment, Human Resources, Internet and Recruiting industries.


Maplr operates as a tech community that offers tech jobs in Canada. You can learn more about Maplr and their services by visiting their website. The team at Maplr work within the Communities, Employment and Recruiting sectors.


NIDUM, founded by Jose Azares, is an Immersive Tech Startup creating immersive recruiting, onboarding, and training modules for businesses. The company impacts the Corporate Training, E-Learning, Employment, Information Technology, Recruiting, SaaS, Software, Training and Virtual Reality sectors.


ZiGGY is an online platform that provides human resources, staffing, and employment-related services for the supply chain industry. The services offered by this startup span across Consulting, Employment, Human Resources, Logistics and Staffing Agency industries.

Bootcamps for Change

Bootcamps for Change is a social enterprise that facilitates in-shelter fitness programs for youth experiencing homelessness. The organization works within the Employment, Fitness, Non Profit and Rehabilitation sectors.


Reelcruit is an automated matching and contract management platform for IT job seekers, consultants, and recruiting companies. They operate within the Consulting, Employment, and Recruiting spheres.

BC Infrastructure Benefits

BC Infrastructure Benefits is dedicated to providing a trades workforce for the construction of public infrastructure projects. They work within the Construction, Employment, Marketing and Trading Platform industries.


Prospect is an employment hub for the Canadian tech startup industry that connects job seekers with employers. They operate within the College Recruiting, Employment and Recruiting sectors.


Circads, founded by Bartek Kostrz, offers employment opportunities in various sectors including accounting, healthcare, hotel management, agriculture, and human resources. Their influence spans across the Consulting, Employment, Health Care, Online Portals, Professional Services, Recruiting, Staffing Agency and Training industries.

Dignii Technologies

Dignii Technologies, co-founded by Adrian Jonklaas and Elisabeth Cooke, offers a responsible data platform that aids organizations to build diverse teams and promote inclusion. The company operates within the Analytics, Computer, Employment, Information Technology, and Software sectors.

Goodly Foods

Aart Schuurman Hess and Yuri Fulmer founded Goodly Foods, a startup engaged in the manufacturing of soups, stews and sauces. In addition to this, the company creates supportive employment opportunities. Their operations span across the Employment, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Manufacturing and Retail industries.

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