Which InsurTech Startups are Transforming the Canadian Insurance Market?

Canada, with its technologically advanced economy and robust financial services sector, has become a hotbed for InsurTech Startups. InsurTech, short for insurance technology, refers to the innovative use of technology to enhance and streamline the insurance industry. The goal is to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and offer more personalized products and services for consumers. With industry subsectors ranging from life insurance to vehicle protection, the possibilities for innovation are endless. Let us take a closer look at some of the most intriguing Canadian InsurTech Startups now making waves within the industry.

Before diving into each startup, it should be noted that the InsurTech landscape in Canada is characterized by an emphasis on mobile platforms, evidenced by many startups’ applications tailored for mobile use. Additionally, the startups we will know about are offering cutting-edge solutions like cloud environments, audit trails for insurance claims, AI software for risk management, and more.

Finally, another feature worth noting is how these companies not only aim to revolutionize the insurance industry but also introduce services in other sectors. This versatility strengthens their business models and indicates the potential for InsurTechs to reshape different markets.

Goose Insurance Services

Founded by Dejan Mirkovic, Goose Insurance Services brings a unique approach to the insurance industry by offering a mobile-first B2C insurance platform. The startup operates in the segments of Financial Services, Insurance, Mobile, and Mobile Apps.


Centering around family protection, Emma was launched by Felix Deschatelets, Gino-Sebastian Savard, and Jacomo Deschatelets. The platform simplifies purchasing life insurance, bringing affordability and accessibility to households across Canada.


Owl.co, co-founded by Sean Merat, Sohrab Merat and Vahid Mirjalili, is a pioneering insurance claims monitoring platform. Owl detects non-eligible claims based on concrete evidence and provides an audit trail, thereby fostering transparency. They operate in the Banking, Big Data, Finance, Financial Services, Fraud Detection, and InsurTech industries.

Breathe Life

Pioneered by Arach Tchoupani, Ian Jeffrey, and Jean-Nicholas Hould, Breathe Life offers an enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for the individual insurance industry, digitizing and personalizing the industry.

Relay Platform

Co-founded by Greg Boutin, Relay Platform is another game-changing SaaS platform disrupting the traditional insurance industry.


Designed by Kai Jia and Manish Chauhan, SureBright is an insurance-as-a-service platform that empowers companies to integrate insurance and warranty products on their websites.


Developed by Alexandre Cosneau, Andres Bayona, and Ramee Mossa, FTEX is an insurance tech startup specializing in developing smart connected drive systems for light electric vehicles.

Minerva Intelligence Inc.

Established by Clinton Smyth and David Poole, Minerva Intelligence Inc. leverages Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and other advanced technologies to enhance the insurtech domain.


Founded by Adam Roach and Anya Switzer, Livelii is designed specifically for independent workers, offering integrated financial, insurance, and business services.

Riskfuel Analytics Inc

Riskfuel Analytics Inc is spearheaded by Ryan Ferguson and is focused on creating risk management AI software for banks and insurance companies.

Orchid B

Orchid B, founded by Claudio Romano, is a comprehensive back-office platform intended for self-employed individuals and SMEs. Visit them at https://www.orchidb.com/.

Waterbear Cloud

Established by Kevin Lindsay and Kevin Teague, Waterbear Cloud is a cloud automation company that assists small enterprises in building and managing web application environments on AWS.


Started by Marco Fernandez, QuantumSense is an AI firm developing a top semantic search engine that works on the sentence level.


PolicyAdvisor, launched by Jiten Puri, is an online Canadian insurance broker.

Entuitive Compliance

Created by Eric Hartley Gordon, Entuitive Compliance offers insurtech software solutions and outsourcing options to enhance operational efficiency and lower risks for clients.

The Canadian InsurTech ecosystem is vibrant and dynamic, filled with startups committed to radically transforming the traditional insurance sector. They are betting on mobile platforms, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, and other advanced technologies to reshape the industry’s future, focusing on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and more personalized services. Exciting times indeed for Canada’s insurance industry.

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