Which Influential Canadian Nutrition Startups Are Revolutionizing Health in 2023?

The field of nutrition is expanding rapidly with innovative startups leading the charge, particularly in Canada, where a diverse range of companies have emerged, offering different products and services. These companies span across various industries and, not only are they contributing to the economy, they are aiding in boosting the health and wellbeing of consumers. Here are some of the most interesting Nutrition startups in Canada at present, ranging from protein powder suppliers to meal kit providers.

These companies are helping to redefine our relationship with food, emphasizing the importance of balanced diet and making healthy eating more convenient for consumers. Each startup has developed its own unique approach to the global nutrition industry, whether it’s creating superfood supplement or making healthy snacks.

The startups profiled below have all been founded by passionate, committed individuals or teams who are dedicated to transforming the nutrition industry. All these companies have a mission to improve people’s health through nutrition and are making strides in their respective fields.

Global Food and Ingredients

Global Food and Ingredients (GFI) is a thriving plant-based food and ingredients company, proudly Canadian-owned and operated. With a strong focus on nutrition and sustainability, GFI is currently making significant strides in the Food and Beverage, and Nutrition industries.


Fed is an company that takes a unique approach to the food industry. This startup actively blends food and medicine, designing and delivering nutritionally-focused meals to customers’ doors. Fed was founded by Elin Tayyar and Saba Marzara, and operates in the E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Health Care, Nutrition, and Wellness industries.

Pontus Protein

Pontus Protein is a unique startup specializing in the large-scale indoor vertical farming of water lentils, which uses 95% less water than typical agriculture. Founded by Steve R McArthur, the company operates within the Agriculture, AgTech, Farming, Food, Nutraceutical, Nutrition and Organic Food industries.

Axiomm Technologies

Axiomm Technologies is a pioneering company that enhances nutrient absorption by using a cutting-edge nanoemulsion-based technology. The startup crosses the Food and Beverage, Nanotechnology and Nutrition industries with its innovative approach to nutrition.

Smooth Meal Prep

Smooth Meal Prep is a food delivery platform that specializes in providing healthy, fitness-focused meals direct to your door. Founded by Nevell Provo, this startup operates in the Fitness, Food Delivery and Nutrition industries.

Prospre Nutrition

Founded by Colin Hunt and Jonathan Young, Prospre Nutrition is a nutrition-based mobile app, designed to make balancing diet easier for everyone.


Oxfordiet is an online nutrition and diet service led by a team of certified dietitians. The startup is an important player in the Health Care and Nutrition industries, making a significant impact with its unique approach.

Rocka Foods International Inc.

Rocka Foods International Inc. specializes in providing nutritious commercial meal kits to schools and other canteens in Africa, starting in Ghana. Founded by Yutaro Oka, this company operates in the E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery and Nutrition industries.

SUKU Vitamins

Founded by Ju Young Yoo, SUKU Vitamins is a new age health and wellness company whose mission is to help people look and feel their best. They specialize in Beauty, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Nutrition and Wellness.


MakerBars is a food startup that provides plant-based protein and fibre energy kits. Simple ingredients are sourced from Canadian partners and turned into healthy snacks. Josh Reding is at the helm of this company.


Natreve is an online shop that sells protein powder, wellness supplements and whey products. Occupying the E-Commerce, Healthcare, Nutrition, and Wellness industries, Natreve makes having a balanced diet easy and accessible.

Evolution POTASH

Evolving the Consumer Goods, Nutrition and Chemical industries, is Evolution POTASH. Founded by Bradley V.A. Fettis, they produce potassium nutrients more profitably and eco-friendlier than existing producers.

AURA Nutrition

AURA Nutrition is a company that provides essential supplements to help the everyday female athlete achieve all her wellness goals. The startup operates within the Healthcare, Sports, Women’s, Consumer Goods and Nutrition industries.

Clever Fruit Products

Clever Fruit Products develops fermented superfruit health ingredients for nutraceutical, supplement, and functional food brands. Founded by Liam Tayler and Sean Sears, the company is shaping the future of Dietary Supplements, Nutraceutical, Nutrition and Wellness industries.


Snak is a unique Canadian startup that not only produces tasty vegan, gluten-free and all-natural snacks but also strives to provide quality food from sustainable sources. This company is valuably contributing to the Bakery, Nutrition, Organic Food and Snack Food sectors.

Each of these Canadian startups is making a significant impact in the nutrition industry, helping to promote healthier eating habits and guide consumers towards making healthier choices on a daily basis.

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