Which Canadian Home Services Startups are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

Canada’s startup scene is thriving and diverse, with companies working in a range of sectors to provide innovative solutions for real-world problems. In recent years, there has been a particularly significant growth in the number of Home Services startups, which are using technology to revolutionize ways we manage, maintain, and improve our homes. These companies leverage modern technologies to make housekeeping tasks more efficient and accessible.

This piece is a deep dive into such innovation, showcasing some of the most exciting Canadian startups that are impacting the home services sector. At a glance, these companies may seem diverse, but they are united by their commitment to enhancing home living through the power digital technology. These startups range from tech-forward cleaning companies to artificial intelligence security services, demonstrating a considerable breadth of innovation in the Home Services industry.

We’ve curated a selection of 15 notable home service startups based in Canada, who are pushing boundaries to ease task management at home.We hope you enjoy exploring these trail-blazing companies as much as we enjoyed curating them. Without further ado, let’s delve into Canada’s booming home services startup scene.

RIFO Holding Group

Website: RIFO

RIFO Holding Group stands at the intersection of several industries – from apps, data integration, and fintech to home services, market research, and real estate. RIFO is initiating a real innovation for home reality with a unique business model. Founded by Charles Jiang and Johnson Ji, the company is set to become a game-changer in the home services space.

Alate Partners

Website: Alate Partners

Alate Partners, co-founded by John Albright, is an empowering ally for tech entrepreneurs changing the narrative in real estate. They delve into home services, property development, and management, alongside Real Estate Investment, bringing together a unique technological and home service solution.


Website: Souqh

As Canada’s real estate and home services marketplace, Souqh simplifies and digitizes the homeownership journey. Founded by Ahmer Rafiq, Souqh brings an unrivaled combination of home services and real estate expertise to the market.

Workeefy Inc

Website: Workeefy

Workeefy, co-founded by Ambathi Chethtey, Raman Dua, and Ritesh Malik, is a digital marketplace for home services in Canada. Leveraging on app technology, information tech, and mobile platforms, they are bridging the gap between homeowners and the broader home services industry.


Website: Omnee

Co-founded by David Johnston, Omnee brings personal property management to homeowners. Leveraging home improvement, home service technology and real estate management, Omnee serves as the go-to partner for effective home management.

Home Spritz

Website: Home Spritz

Home Spritz offers home and commercial cleaning services targeted at improving cleanliness and life quality. They employ advanced home service technologies, ranging from home and garden tools to consumer appliances.


Website: Klippers

Co-founded by Neel Patel, Klippers brings haircuts to your doorstep whenever needed. Leveraging on technology like mobile apps to serve their clients directly in their homes, Klippers continues to blur the line between beauty services and home services.


Website: Snaphouss

Snaphouss, with Kris King as co-founder, is transforming the real estate and home service industry by providing easy access to real estate photography experts for as low as $99. Leveraging 3D technology, Information technology, marketing and software, Snaphouss continues to deliver exceptional value to clients.


Website: ESTA

Co-founded by Femi Oloruntoba, ESTA is a tech startup simplifying the process for homeowners and renters to quickly get job estimates via picture messaging in the Building Maintenance, Home Improvement, Home Renovation, and Lifestyle segment.

Mr. Star

Website: Mr. Star

Co-founded by Milad Razban, Mr. Star provides trusted and convenient digital services to your door. Leveraging on consumer electronics, home services, and smart home technology, they continue to shape the home service landscape.

Wolf iris AI

Website: Wolf iris AI

Wolf iris AI sits at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence powered LIVE video security and monitoring service for residential and commercial properties. By leveraging innovative AI and computer vision technologies, they provide an unprecedented level of security for homes.


Website: Primipair

Primipair, founded by Arta Kashef, is an online marketplace that connects homeowners with home service professionals on its online platform simplifying the process of outsourcing home-related services.


Website: Bindrop

Bindrop makes laundry simpler by offering pickup, cleaning, folding and delivery services directly to your door. Their unique model of operation seeks to ease the burden of laundry and revolutionize the home service industry.

Appliance Repair Calgary Pros

Website: Appliance Repair Calgary Pros

Appliance Repair Calgary Pros is a responsive company that provides repair services for domestic or commercial appliances in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They bank on their vast experience in electronics and home service repair to deliver top-notch solutions to their clients.

Ladysunshine Cleaning Services

Website: Ladysunshine Cleaning Services

Concluding our list is Ladysunshine Cleaning Services. They provide professional cleaning services for either home or office spaces, integrating clean energy and smart home technologies to deliver excellent cleaning results.

These are some of the amazing startups that are fueling the Canadian home service industry, transforming how homeowners go about their daily chores. With their innovative solutions, we look forward to seeing how these companies shape the future of the home service industry in Canada.

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