Which Canadian Nanotechnology Startups are Shaping Our Future Innovations?

Canada is home to a growing hub of nanotechnology-focused startups, each venturing into remarkable research and new inventions in their respective industry, covering everything from energy production to health care. This article spotlights these innovative Canadian startups who are leveraging nanotechnology, the science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, to shake up their industries and transform the way we live. Below, we profile 15 such startups and provide a snapshot into their groundbreaking work, highlighting the dynamic and cutting-edge nanotech scene in Canada.

Summit Nanotech

Summit Nanotech is a B2B company deploying patented direct lithium extraction technology to produce lithium economically and sustainably. Founded by Amanda Hall, this startup falls into the categories of energy, information technology, mineral, mining technology, and nanotechnology. The ultimate goal is to deliver an innovative solution for the more sustainable production of batteries, a crucial component of modern life.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp

Co-founded by Prashant Verma and Sunil Vedula, Nanoprecise takes a multidisciplinary approach combining artificial intelligence, industrial automation, the internet of things, nanotechnology, and software. They have revolutionized the field of predictive maintenance by accurately diagnosing faults in machines, lowering costs, and increasing efficiency.


Carbonova is championing the development of carbon nanofibres. Pedro Pereira-Almao founded the company to explore its unique applications across various markets, contributing to advanced materials, chemical, and nanotechnology sectors.

Nfinite Nanotech

Founders Chee Hau Teoh, Jhi Yong Loke, and Kevin Musselman are behind Nfinite Nanotechnology. This startup thrives by developing nanocoating technology, enabling the fabrication of devices such as photovoltaics and batteries, with a potential significant footprint in various industries.

NanoVation Therapeutics

NanoVation Therapeutics offers innovative technologies that utilize lipid nanoparticles to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of nucleic acid tissues. This revolutionary technique has the potential to direct the future of biotechnology, nanotechnology, and therapeutic practices.


Edgehog, co-founded by Calvin Cheng and Mathieu Massicotte, provides bio-inspired, nanotextured, anti-reflection glass for high-performance solar panels. Edgehog’s nanotechnology is set to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of solar energy systems.


Drinkable, co-founded by Matthew Mizzi and Robert Afari, utilizes breakthroughs in electrochemistry to offer effortless, affordable, and accurate drinking water testing. The startup encompasses consumer electronics, food and beverage, mobile apps, nanotechnology, sensor, water, and water purification sectors.

Axiomm Technologies

At Axiomm Technologies, the focus is on increasing the efficiency of nutrients absorption using nanoemulsion-based technology. This technology can potentially revolutionize the food and beverage and nanotechnology industry by improving nutrient delivery systems.

Coloursmith Labs Inc.

Coloursmith Labs Inc., founded by Gabrielle Masone, focuses on developing advanced optical filtering technologies in ophthalmic devices. These breakthroughs blur the lines between advanced materials, life science, and nanotechnology, promising bright futures in visual health.


Cellulotech is revolutionizing sustainable barrier nanotechnology, compelling advanced materials, chemical, nanotechnology, packaging services, paper manufacturing, and sustainability sectors. This startup is dedicated to fostering a more sustainable future through the creation of greener products and services.

Ekidna Sensing

Ekidna Sensing is led by founder Benoît H. Lessard, providing on-demand cannabinoid testing for the fast-growing cannabis industry. Leveraging nanotechnology to ensure accurate results, Ekidna Sensing is positioned at the forefront of the cannabis testing sector.

Momentum Materials Solutions

Momentum Materials Solutions is leveraging nanotechnology to protect the planet by developing novel nanoporous carbon scaffolds. The company’s dedication to sustainability through technology is a testament to the transformative power of nanotechnology.

Sonus Microsystems

Sonus Microsystems, co-founded by Carlos D. Gerardo, Edmond Cretu, and Robert Rohling, is a polymer-based ultrasound transducer technology firm. The team leads the wave in this area of technology, creating new opportunities within the healthcare sector.

Ascension Sciences

Ascension Sciences, founded by Tomas Skrinskas, is niche in discovering and commercializing compounds and techniques for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The company’s work is a testament to the vast potential of nanotechnology in health and wellness.


SiEPIC Kits, founded by Mustafa Hammood, offers silicon photonics technology solutions. They design technology that can turn ideas into functioning prototypes, influencing the nanotechnology, optical communication, semiconductor, and simulation industries.

These 15 startups are a glimpse into the potential and diversity found within the Canadian nanotechnology sector. Each company, with its unique mission and application of nanotechnology, provides not just a scope for the present, but also a glimpse into a future shaped by nanotechnology’s countless possibilities.

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