Which Canadian Neuroscience Startups Are Pioneering Brain Science Innovations?

Canada’s startup scene is reaching new heights. The country’s growing reputation for research and innovation in various fields extends to neuroscience, where cutting-edge startups are breaking new grounds. New companies are harnessing the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience – incorporating psychology, computer science, health science, and other fields – to create interesting and meaningful applications. Whether using machine learning, artificial intelligence, medical devices, or therapeutic experiences, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Here, we explore 15 outstanding Canadian Neuroscience startups making waves in the industry.


Founded by Naeem Komeilipoor, AAVAA is an innovative startup that develops a bionic ear aimed at reducing noise and correcting hearing impairment. Operatively situated in the cross-section of the Audio, Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Health Care, and Human Computer Interaction industries, AAVAA is making great strides in the Neuroscience field.


NURO, spearheaded by Abhinav Kumar, Francois Gand, and Pascal Gand, focuses on creating patented technologies that combat Alzheimer’s disease. Their breakthrough technologies, PAD and NUOS, also help with brain-based communication, scaling their operation across the Human Computer Interaction, Medical, and Neuroscience fields.


Neha Bhutani and Shawn Maloney founded REVAI, a startup that develops AI and Machine Learning-powered vagus nerve stimulation platforms. This startup which also develops software applications is making significant contributions within the Education and Neuroscience spheres.

VRapeutic, Inc.

VRapeutic, Inc. is a UNICEF Innovation Fund Software house that specializes in providing rehabilitation solutions. Founded by Ahmad Al-Kabbany and Yahya Alaa, the startup creates VR experiences specifically designed to tackle neurodevelopmental challenges, dabbling in multiple industries like Augmented Reality, Education, and Health Care.

PragmaClin Research

PragmaClin Research is a Health Care and Neuroscience company committed to developing novel treatment approaches for neurological illnesses. These innovations continue to provide solutions to various neurological diseases.


PsiloTec, founded by Dr. Peter Silverstone, provides effective and affordable solutions for untreated mental health and neuropsychiatric problems. Their innovative solutions center around health care, neurosciences, therapeutics, and wellness.


At Sens.ai, co-founders Corey Julihn and Paola Telfer understand that training the brain is crucial to living a fulfilling life. Sens.ai offers technology that hastens this process, operating within the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neuroscience, Therapeutics, and more industries.

Divergence Neuro

Divergence Neuro, founded by Alex Ni, helps mental health patients with various revolutionary techniques. Its operations span across AI, Machine Learning, Neuroscience, Psychedelic Therapy, and more, offering a broad spectrum of solutions.

The Talent Games

The Talent Games helps organizations attract, engage, assess and shortlist top talent. The startup, founded by Paul Keijzer and Shail Niazi, combines aspects of Artificial Intelligence, Gamification, Human Resources, and Neuroscience to its solutions.


SilicoLabs provides a platform that allows users to create 2D, 3D, and real-world tasks that train, test, and assess human and AI behavior. It facilitates research and improvements in AI and Neuroscience.

NerveX Neurotechnologies

Gerard O’Leary and Taufik Valiante spearheaded NerveX Neurotechnologies, developing intelligent neuromodulation devices to repair and augment the nervous system. They provide innovative solutions in the Healthcare, Machine Learning, and Neuroscience industry.


VCENNA founded by Shauheen Etminan, positions itself as a Biotechnology company. With services also extended to Alternative Medicine, Neuroscience, and Wellness, they are making valuable contributions in Neuroscience

Lenica Research Group

Simba Nyazika founded the Lenica Research Group to develop tools that assess, identify, and improve cognitive health impairments. Lenica operates in several domains, including Biotechnology, Education, Health Care, and Neuroscience.

Aurora Aroma Inc.

Ahmad Ebrahimi, Erfan Ghavami, and Mobina Kalhorian launched Aurora Aroma Inc., a personalized aroma-based sleeping aid for people with sleep difficulties. It blends technology aspects of Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Internet of Things, and Neuroscience.

Lixr AI

Finally, Lixr AI, founded by Anthony Ilukwe, Trevor Seeger, and Y Zhang Ph.D, is an innovator in the health care field, offering solutions that amalgamate Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Health Care, Neuroscience, and Virtual Reality.

These 15 startups represent just a slice of the incredible innovation that’s happening in the neuroscience scene in Canada right now. They serve as real-life examples of how interdisciplinary collaboration can lead to remarkable technological and medical breakthroughs. We look forward to seeing what these, and other promising Canadian startups, will create next.

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