Which Canadian Mining Tech Startups Are Redefining Industry Standards in 2023?

Canada has always been a well-renowned player in the global mining landscape known for its abundant wealth of natural resources. Over time, we’ve seen the rise of numerous mining technologies companies trying to bring innovative solutions to the industry’s constant demands and challenges. Here, at CanadaVenture.news, our focus is to bring you highlights from the most promising startups which are currently disrupting the mining technology landscape in Canada. These companies are redefining exploration, extraction, and efficient use of minerals and bringing new meaning to sustainability.

These startups are not just focusing on the domestic scene, but they are building solutions that could be used globally. Their potential to transform traditional methods cannot be overstated. From harnessing nanotechnology to extract lithium efficiently to using artificial intelligence for better predictions and decision-making, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mining technology.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the profiles of these remarkable startups that are redefining the future of mining, not just in Canada, but across the globe.

Summit Nanotech

Summit Nanotech is a B2B company that uses patented direct lithium extraction technology to extract lithium economically and sustainably. Founded by Amanda Hall, the company provides a nano tech-based solution to a global need for a more sustainable lithium extraction process.

Arizona Sonoran Copper Company

As its name suggests, Arizona Sonoran Copper Company is primarily a copper developer and producer. They leverage innovative technology to refine copper mining processes for optimal efficiency and production rates.

Minerva Intelligence Inc.

Co-founded by Clinton Smyth and David Poole, Minerva Intelligence Inc. integrates Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Ontology, INSPIRE, and Reasoning under uncertainty into intelligent platforms that help predict mineral deposits.

Li-FT Power

Li-FT Power is an early-stage Lithium pegmatite venture focusing on identifying, exploring, discovering, and advancing exploration projects.

Canadian Space Mining Corporation

Founded by Daniel Sax, Canadian Space Mining Corporation seeks to develop the infrastructure to support life in space by mining precious metals on other celestial bodies.

Nev Gold

Nev Gold aims to uncover new mineral deposits by offering district-scale exploration and resource potential in strong geopolitical jurisdictions.

Generation Mining

Co-founded by Kerry Knoll, Generation Mining is a mineral exploration company that focuses on zinc and molybdenum projects in Canada.

Snow Lake Resources

Snow Lake Resources is a privately owned mineral exploration company targeting the development of high-quality metal deposits.

HighGold Mining

Founded by Darwin Green, HighGold Mining is a gold exploration enterprise concentrating on two North American gold mining environments.

EnviroGold Global

EnviroGold Global is an eco-friendly technology firm that provides capital resource for environmental sustainability initiates.

Allegiant Gold

Founded by Peter Gianulis, Allegiant Gold is a pioneer in the exploration and development of gold resources.


Fortai is a cutting-edge technology and product manufacturer that drives innovation in the mining industry through sustainable solutions.

Kingfisher Metals

Founded by David Loretto and Dustin Perry, Kingfisher Metals is primarily involved in the exploration of district-size gold and copper properties.

Gold Mountain

Gold Mountain focuses on the exploration, development, and production of the Elk Gold project, using state-of-the-art mining technology.

Sassy Resources

Co-founded by Mark Scott, Sassy Resources dedicates its efforts towards the identification, acquisition, and exploration of precious metal resources.


The mining technology landscape in Canada is propelled by a host of innovative startups bringing fresh perspectives and modern technological solutions. The future of mining is here, driven by these disruptors who are perennially pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this age-old industry. Stay tuned for more updates as they continue to shape the future of mining with their ambitious visions and innovative technologies.

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